Join the freedom movement is not accomplished the third time

The MOJ appeared to claim association logo, also to the fact that the platform movement, posted on the website Milinkevich, there are items not appropriate charter submitted for registration in the Ministry of Justice.
This is the third attempt to register a company. Twice previously — in July and October 2007 — The Ministry of Justice refused to register the "movement" For Freedom. "
One of the founders of the "Movement" For Freedom ", the ex-presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich thinks constructive response of the Ministry of Justice to postpone the registration of "Movement" For Freedom. "He said this in an interview to BelaPAN.
"On This time we do not simply said: "Read the law." So it was before, and we did not know that we need to fix. At this time we highlighted some proposals it must change, we were given a certain period of time to ensure that do and, accordingly, we have recorded. I think we are on the path to legalization and registration of "movement" For Freedom "- said the emperor Milinkevich.
"We are fundamentally legal activities. We are able to work in the underground, but legal activity — even better" — he said.
According to Milinkevich, and if the third time, "the Movement" For Freedom "will be refused registration, its organizers will again and again apply for registration in the Ministry of Justice." Then the situation comes to delirium, and we certainly zaregistruemsya ever "- the politician ..

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