Journalists arrested, that did not report the truth

Young Man: "arrest, likely will not transmit on promotions. Indeed. We only Belarusian TV shows to say: we have in the main only elderly people live who are satisfied with pension. And if they see the truth, our management is unprofitable . Himself I do not watch the Belarusian TV, get information from people. "
Young Man: "Yes we have complete control in general, journalists are arrested, so there was no disk imaging is not desirable to the authorities."
Youth"Likely aim — to intimidate, to keep a tight rein on all. Carrot and stick policy: one day whip, the second day — the carrot, that’s all. "
Man: "I do not know about this, I heard that there were protests, that’s all. And who arrested who are not — do not know. When journalists are arrested, together with all this — under the hot hand is called. When are the massive mess, there is not particularly dismantled, I think . "
Man: "In 1-x, it is abnormal. Like for you or not — that journalists write it another thing. And by the way, it’s a trend. The same is done at the moment in China — on the border in the Himalayas. So there is nothing unusual, this trend is typical for many countries when trying to avoid unnecessary weight to disk imaging. "
Young Man: "I have not heard about this, do not write about it. But what arrested — bad man wants to tell the truth, do not give!"
Young Man: "Do not scratch all with the same brush, but others take a hot hand: black-hours a day is hard to understand — who is who. All take and those who climb into the thick — even more so. They are, of course, transmit information. But our young people, when they see that journalists take, her anger rising. And journalists themselves can behave, so they were arrested, that later could say their specially arrested, something that they did not say or did not write. "
Woman: "Certainly, this is done, to intimidate: that young people did not climb ahead, and journalists so as not covered these questions and feared there will be. "
Man: "The country has its own public relations and is interested only in his own form of presentation of information. Constantly on Belarusian television show events happening lopsided. No impartial picture. Very one-sided show, even interesting to look telly. Both desirable and provide information."

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