Jubiljar CHigir Misha: Of course, life is managed

Misha CHigir born May 24, 1948 in the village of Brotherly Kopyl district farming family. In life Misha Chyhir had everything: rapid career growth and a conclusion.
In 25 years he has headed the district office of the State Bank of dumplings. Worked in the Central Committee of the PBC, but realized that the party work — it’s not his job. Returned to the banking sector.
Misha Chyhir three times invited to a very prestigious Faculty Metropolitan monetary institute. In Moscow gave the apartment, but chose CHigir Minsk, unwilling to leave Belarus, could not throw parents.
First 1990 ruled "Belagroprombank" then one of the most massive structures in Belarus cash. When Lukashenko became president, he offered Chigir chair head of government. But in November 1996, conscientious and incorruptible Prime CHigir resigned …
In 1999 he participated in other presidential elections, which were held after the end of de jure first term Lukashenko. During this government retaliated Misha Nikolayevich — 9 months he spent in jail …
Currently Misha CHigir works in Moscow. On the anniversary came home. Now friendly house Chigiri many guests, but a minute for Radio Liberty jubiljar found:
Correspondent"Misha Nikolayevich congratulate the anniversary. Can you say that life is it? What is the most exciting in your life been?"
CHigir"Certainly, life failed. Yes, all fascinating in my life was — the first a day or up to the present. I think there is still a lot to be exciting."
Correspondent"If anything will change in Belarus, ready to return to work and live here and bring this country to the European level?"
CHigir"Sure, no doubt!"
Correspondent"At this point you are working in Moscow, look outside Belarus. Is there a future in this country?"
CHigir"Certainly, there. All we have!"
Correspondent"But what’s missing?"
CHigir"Wish. Most people. But we must wait configurations. I expect is long. Hopefully …"
Former chairman of the State Bank Stanislav Bogdanovich in 1994, almost persuaded Misha Chyhir become prime minister since beheld that the man was able to lead the country out of crisis:
"This is a very conscientious person, I know him more on the banking sector. Knew him as Prime Minister, I know that he tried to do something for the economy on effective market economy. He resigned in disagreement with the symbol of the so-called referendum . know, he showed courage and went into a symbol of protest. This is a very honest, decent, decent man. "
Alexander Sasnou worked in the government as Minister of Labour Chyhir. Here is what he said about Misha N.:
"It’s a very conscientious person who can manage not only such malehankih state like Belarus, but would draw and huge. Fact that he had not managed to stay in power, when he saw what was happening and left a constitutional coup — it is only a plus . But he could not stand, besides, he brave man. I congratulate him and I think, that have more people, life would be better. " Tags: years, CHigir 60

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