Judge — as fear …

Man: "Judged them for what they do not like to power."

Trial for political affairs

Lady: "Judged — as fear. What else can they do? "
Man: "I believe that the trial for political cases people someway find out the truth about what is happening in reality. And the authorities are afraid of those who know something and passes his knowledge to others. "
Young Man: "By my views, this political trials. Lukashenko just afraid of losing their place and therefore different methods trying to escape. A judge even then that person is a registered organization. And how many were expelled from the institute … "
Lady "This question already has a political coloring, I especially was not interested, so I can not answer. "
Man: "In politics I try not to go and not interested in such matters."
Reporter: "Do you think that this is politics?"

This question already has a political coloring

Man: "I think so, because when judged for what you are in a certain organization — is, of course, politics. If there is something criminal, it is connected with the police, as well something there … "
Man: "And what is the general — unregistered business? So when they came to painters, what? Maybe rebuked groups meet? Nightmare certain, and then neuzh Actually can this be? People who adopt such laws, with some complexes. Something abnormal with them, it’s hard to even recognize them. "
Lady: "Yes, I know, for that judge? Authority is always right, who always wanted — judged by whom you want — even condemn. Nothing you can do about. And like I never tried to work on it, all the same zahochut — and condemn. "

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