Kama hydropower installed capacity increased by 9 MW

Kama hydropower installed capacity increased from 522 MW to 531 MW. Increasing capacity is fixed in the complex and actual power tests, signed by the relevant regulations on hydraulic units number number 9, 17, 22.


The increase was due to the replacement of modernization of hydraulic turbines, made in the framework of the Program of complex modernization of RusHydro.


In all been replaced hydroelectric turbines working arrangements, working wheel, generator circuit breakers, hydro-coolers stator, stator winding is replaced. The complex work performed has increased the reliability of the hydraulic units and improve their performance. In addition, the modernization of the turbine wheel will significantly reduce the environmental risks.


Since 1997, the station upgraded 20 of the 23 operating hydroelectric. Complete the modernization of hydraulic units in 2014, as a result of the Kama hydropower installed capacity will increase to 552 MW.


Replacement of the main elements of vertical turbine is the core program of complex modernization of the Kama HPP. In addition, the program includes measures to replace hydro-mechanical equipment for 2014 is scheduled to begin design work on the replacement of the 24th, the pilot horizontal hydraulic unit, which was dismantled in 1992


Also at the station conducted extensive work to refurbish the automated control units (SAU). Until the end of 2016 to be replaced by a control system on ten hydroelectric generators, and begin designing ACS outdoor switchgear.

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