KGB claims that the KGB did not burn

Correspondent: Now no sign no fire. KGB, Which culminated in working day and coming out of the building, the question was whether their fire, flatly answered "no."
There is a version that can be made on the roof of the KGB any system work — poured resin, with all this usually goes dark smoke. But KGB uttered that about roof repair, they also do not know anything.
It may be noted that from the street Komsomolskaya open windows in the building, previously I beheld such does not, but it’s not indicates, that there was smoke in the building. In building a powerful autonomous system pazharatushennya, so likely, it’s all the same there were some repairs. Now around the town can be seen dark thick smoke on the roof — it kamunalngyya service ready for the summer rains. Tags: building, fire, KGB

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