KGB finds journalists affiliated to satire on Lukashenko

On this "Radio Liberty" said vice-chairman movement "For Freedom" Yuri Hubarevich. He adds:
"Bureaucrats presented Mrs. Shchapetkina decision to institute criminal proceedings against Andrew Obozova, Oleg Minich and Pavel Morozov accused of developing a satirical movie about Alexander Lukashenko. KGB stated that in this case must pick up a computer system and Tamara Shchapetkina, so consider the information it contains.
Remind: Last year August 16 Minsk prosecutor’s office filed with the KGB criminal case for insult Alexander Lukashenko. The grounds were cartoons political content posted on the website of the initiative "third way" (
Andrei Obozova, Pavel Morozov and Oleg Minich KGB officers searched, confiscated all computers and media of information. Aleh Minich and his wife took the KGB even passports, which for a long time did not give. Andrew, Paul and Oleg took in Kiev colleagues from "Diva Production", distributes cartoons on the web during presidential elections in Ukraine. Later in Support of Belarusian colleagues made international organization multipliers that has Consulates in nearly all countries. The call of Dr. Robert Russell animators sent their application to the Belarusian Embassy demanding complete prosecution distributors cartoons on the web.
Oleg Minich and Andrei Abozau are currently outside Belarus.

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