Kiev: Belarusian Spring ended poetic tournament

The evening included the presentation of new books accomplished Belarusian Writers (U.Ahromenka, M.Klimkovich, N.Babina, S.Kvyatkovski, S.Prylutski, L.Osipenko, Kvyatkovskaya) also Ukrainian-Belarusian poetry slam.
Slam has been decorated as a boxing tournament: in the hall were pulled restrictive cables between which competed in poetic talent divided by the pair of Ukrainian and Belarusian young poets. The Belarusian team were Vera Burlak Zhibul Victor Maria Martysevich, Sergei Medvedev, Vitaly Ryzhkov also coach — Andrew Khadanovich. By decision of the crowded auditorium won by the team of Belarus.

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