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About 30 — 40 thousand years before Christ, somewhere in the territory of modern Belarusian Lakeland.

Over endless desert ice prevailed mess. Wind filled with small ice crystals Edged blew without changing direction, already the third month in a row. Sun yellow blur at times appeared on the gray sky as if manifested in the photo, and as evenly disappeared. At night the wind died down, the sky appears briefly star. Strong ice thickness erupts somewhere kilometer depth of the abyss, on days of which was quiet in the summer (if you could call summer) by green mountain ridges shy rivulets tsenkali yes, like tiny bells, transparent cool drops. There is a huge part of the day was dark svyatlela less than two — three hours when crack briefly penetrated daylight. But glaciers were still passed for two hours, or two centuries and more considered and determine the time and place here was some, there was someone to listen to the whistle of a blizzard or crashing collapse of ice cliffs. So passed millennium after millennium, the glacier that was rising and falling as a mighty warrior chest, then slowly moved south, then recede again to the north.
And at dawn, breaking the uniformity of almost three months sad blizzard came event happens once every 100 thousand years.
Dazzling flaming ball fueled gaping tail like a whip, tore in half sullen sky and crashed into a glacier with a terrible roar, as if ispalinskaya spear. Beat indescribable force shook ice desert, the sky exploded plume of steam, water and ice shards. For many kilometers around the cracks fallen millions of tons of ice, glacier cut through the new abyss. After a couple of minutes from the sky with a whistle and a booming tsokannem began to fall big sosuli. Later went to unusual force rain and snow and hail …
At dawn, the icy wilderness was not seen. Snowstorm fright became quiet around was indescribable, Hrabova quiet. Sun, surrounded by several rings of rainbow cowardly was rising over the glaciers. Snow covered shiny icy crust on many miles around was dotted with large funnel Edged sosuli. On the days of the funnel cloud hung grayish steam. High in the sky hung unusual, silver, narrow cloud.
In the midst of a day or suddenly frowned, dark, later, just in a moment, once again cleared. Silver rose on the horizon wall, sometimes on her convulsively ran color flashes, staining the sky and endless ice and snow is in the yellow, then orange, then crimson color.
Before the coming of darkness is an extraordinary light show ended. Silver wall evenly as if melted in the sky, twinkle uncertainly rare snowflakes, they became more and more. A gust of cool breeze that an hour later turned into a real hurricane. A day later, and he calmed down.


March 2008 from the Nativity, the Belarusian People’s Republic, the State Park "Lakeland".

At present my mind I’m not sure that would have contact with children. Maybe it would not. Suppose he lay where he lay. P. I then read:
— Do not climb you Franak in huge. God knows what is there, which can inshaplyanetsyane bomb planted or lost. How sharahnet — from all these hotels, motels, bars some fragments remain. Where we then you do not drink beer, eh?.
Petrovich some reason wholeheartedly believed in aliens, leading, in his view, clear evidence of their existence, if not in our time, in the distant past.
Naturally, I understand the country’s prestige, scientific discovery the world level, the influx of capital, etc. — Toddler around which year the excitement subsides. And this despite the fact that the most important thing about it, apart from me, no one yet knows.
But let’s start in order, so as you will not understand anything.
The story began almost six years ago, at the end of November two thousand and second. And if more precisely, in one day, when took first test flight of high express Bialystok — Smolensk. Just this evening, after a successful fishing on the ice first, we were sitting in Petrovich "Yagadtsy" I treated him "Vilna classic", and by the seventh channel showed this event. Well, you remember: comfort, full insurance, the rate of three 10 Bialystok to Smolensk for 5 hours, and all that. When the announcer began to explain something about the magnetic levitation, a little drunk Petrovich, drank some beer from the top of the amber nectar, said:
— And want Franak, I will show to you focus? Nobody demonstrated a show for you, as I like you — you’re on my youngest grandson is like.
— What is the focus? — I asked.
— Yes, this is it … magnetic pillow in, — said Petrovich.
I did not realize, but did not ask again, knowing that Petrovich did not utter, until it was time. We sat a little more, agreed about fishing on the subsequent Saturday (Sunday I was going to Mass in the church Selishchanski), well dispersed.
No, perhaps not with that I started. First it is necessary to explain who I am and who se se Petrovich.
I was born in Bialystok, call me, as you already know, Franak and wife calling — Francis. He graduated from one of the best in Europe Vilnius Institute, "and ihtyyalegiya limnalegiya." Enough rare profession, but I like it. Married, my spouse of Chernigov. She graduated from the same institution in Vilnius (where we met), she economist. I work here at the State Park "Lakeland". I — Senior Researcher, do fish fauna and limnalegiyay. Spouse worked in "Lakeland" Tourism management, and at the moment still engaged the children — our youngest daughter and a half, the eldest — eight. State Park "Lakes" is a separate administrative unit and is located under the "wing" of the National Academy of BPR, because I earn very good — I have a contract for 30 thousand thalers a year. Enough to hook to keep the spouse with 2 babies, have a new SUV "Ford-middle-310" pretty Minsk assembly and pay all insurance, not to mention the apartment Dubravka at ninety meters. Brag: my wife and I know for two seven languages, not including the Belarusian: I — Polish, German, Russian and Lithuanian little; wife — Russian, Ukrainian, British and Hebrew. This seems to me and everything.
Well, Petrovich — it Petrovich, so it is called all. Thin, small stature and with an uncertain age fast, wrinkled like a dried apple face. This can be given and 70, and ninety. He lives alone in the house Berries in the tree without any communal facilities, that in our time — the more unique. He even tele no. From time to time he recalls certain their relatives, about grandchildren. But, at least, during my work here before him, no one ever came, well, he seems also never went anywhere. Generally, he does not like to talk about themselves, and I never and no unnecessary not ask questions, this is my actual principle. I did not know until the last day, as Petrovich year. Maybe because of my nenavyazlivastsi we had … Well, not that we are friends, we are very much different age and just go fishing together, after which sit in some bar and slowly sipping beer. In most cases, we go here in "Yagadtsy" so Petrovich so comfortable — he lives near. Petrovich — beautiful connoisseur of local places and their history. First, my work in "Lakeland" He helped me very, well, at the moment helps. In the Park eighty lakes that follow — my official duty, and he knows exactly seem all.
But back-to-Toddler (then he has not called, so he does not have a name). As we Petrovich and agreed to follow the Saturday we went fishing. I bought two licenses for Twisted, although at this lake license more expensive than the others. But claimed Petrovich, saying:
— We have agreed with you, for you I’ll show you something exciting.
The weather was just on the perch — quiet, frosty dawn, all the trees at dusk, the sun shines — extraordinary beauty! People on the lake could not be seen — in the winter vacationers and tourists in general are not much, but lo
cal, not counting Petrovich, fishing on the warped little stroll — License expensive and capricious lake, you can not catch anything. Usually we go to my "Ford" somewhere far away — on birch or even at Yanov. And there went on foot — from home to Lake Pyatrovichavaga all of km. Came to the lake, and went three hundred meters from the shore, P. braked, looked around, searching for a "sacred" place for some reference. Prasvidravali 5 — 6 holes unwound rod. Meters depth was from 12. With half an hour took nothing in the end Petrovich murmured "Yes!" — And in a minute on the ice fought pound perca fluviatilis. It was almost dark, transverse bands practically not expressed. A few minutes later, I also took the bass, but only slightly, and the least significant svyatleyshy. Pecked 20 minutes, no more, and later — as circumcision. Petrovich caught a four perch, I — only two.
— Petrovich, where is your focus? — I asked.
Petrovich looked around, took a couple of small steps and pulled out a pocket … compass. I thought about it: "Let he still" zhypies "dragged here, zaplutali fears that it?" But Petrovich was holding ordinary old compass with a magnetic needle.
— Look, — he said and put the compass on the ice.
I sat down on the compass. Arrow for some reason long tossing, seemed to have forgotten where the north. Later calmed down and showed somewhere in the direction of the sun. "Nothing for myself" — I thought about it. "There’s also the south-east". Petrovich suffered compass 10 meters to the side. Arrow after uncertain fluctuations stared westward.
— Well, how do you explain that, sire researcher? Here on the days of garushka small. Tall with pavmetra, no more, and along 5 meters. You can take sonar to check, because you have. Perch here constantly pounded as if there is something they like. And in the midst of them occasionally get dark as a firebrand. Although occasionally nibble Narvaez, because apart from me, there’s no fish. Stand back fifty paces — compass points normally. And why are garushka made, I want to ask you. Maybe in the days of extraterrestrial ship lies?
I thought, imagined that the ship is not a ship, but the plane may lie. In war beat. Petrovich laughed:
— What plane Franak? Biplyan "Farman" with pine frame and wings made of cloth? The last war more than eighty years, as completed!
— I do not know Petrovich "- I gave up. — Tomorrow will take appliances, come, let see what is here. But why did not anyone clear this anomaly?
— And what a fool I will not counting the lake with a compass? — It is reasonable to the old man replied.
The next day I arrived at the place of yesterday’s armed to the teeth — sensors, wires, sonar, computer and everything else. Came alone, without telling his superiors and employees about the true purpose — even ridicule, utter that went inshaplanetsyan finding together with Petrovich. Frost was 10 degrees, so while I brought equipment, unwound all the wires naburyv wells installed sensors yes all connected, hands slightly zadubela. Adagrevshy them in his bosom, I started measuring.
A half hour of questions I have not diminished, but increased.
If you believe the devices on the days of lying Magnetized "piece" iron 10 by two and three meters and weighing 100 tons 50 — two, if not more. He lay tilted fifteen degrees, ugruzshy almost entirely in the bottom. He played one end above the bottom at pavmetra, shape resembles the human body with the head, but without arms and legs. He does not "Fanny" — radiation levels slightly, just three times, superior natural. It was, perhaps, beta radiation: already in the master from the object it is not recorded — shows absorbed water. "Nothing for yourself kid" — I loaf.
Then, perhaps, there was the title "The Kid".


I told no one about the discovery. Decided to wait for the summer heat, so using scuba feel Toddler hands clarify something, and maybe, if possible, and find a piece of material.
In late July, I lay on the table Stick with underwater photography and filming and measurement data as a piece the size of a pinky Toddler (how much effort it took to find it!). He was dark-colored, multi-colored sparks glittered on it when I turned it under the light of the lamp or the sun. In sections it sparkled sinnyu some unusual alloy with the same sparkle. To him "stick" clips, needles, buttons well and the whole steel breeze.
Soon, Petrovich met, I said to him that I wish to go to the Academy and show it all to Dr. Shushkevich because extraordinary discovery should be explored.
Then Petrovich me and said:
— Do not climb you Franak in huge. God knows what is there, maybe the aliens planted a bomb that or lost. How sharahnet — from all these hotels, motels, bars some fragments remain. Where we then you do not drink beer, eh?
And now I almost regret that I did not listen Petrovich. I met with the doctor and gave him a "dossier" on Toddler.
A week later I received from the Academy by e-mail letter. It reported that my discovery — a world-class discovery. What is this — train nickel meteor. Apart from these 2-substances it contains three 10-ka chemical compounds, parts and isotopes. That, judging by its size and chemical composition, it is about three times the mass of known meteor Goba of South West Africa, which since 1920 he was largest steel meteor, found on Earth. And recently in the State Park "Lakes" will focus expedition NAS BNR.
This is my life ended dimensions.


At first, as is usual in such cases, journalists have flown. Which only TV channels and newspapers, I did not give interviews — from the First State and ending with the British "Evening News", "The Daily Telegraph" and the French "L’Humanite". I stood only a week, and later went to the boss and said that he would like to take a vacation at his own expense, since I am not allowed to work. Boss gave me two weeks, but first I had to agree on all issues with scientists from the National Academy of Sciences.
In short, soon I was with the family in his native Bialystok.
First person I met at the threshold of the family home, was a correspondent of the newspaper "Evening Bialystok." Where did he vyznat, when, where and on what I left "Poozerie" for me remains the secret. I agreed to be interviewed on the condition that brave "paparazzi" nobody will say about my arrival and an article in the newspaper until the wait.
Fortunately, more than me in the homeland vsesuschie media not to worry.
If after two weeks my family and I returned from Bialystok, then learned that scientists have decided to appeal to the Government with a proposal to raise the Kid from the lake bottom and set in a hidden pavilion near the spot where he found the. This will allow, in the 1-x, bring into the country a lot of money very significant due to the growing number of tourists. And secondly, to teach an unusual discovery on the surface of still more convenient than dvanatstsatsimetrovay depth. Supposed to announce a tender for the rise in the midst of a meteor foreign companies. And most likely, the price rise and the installation of a meteor on a particular spot will be very small, because every possible tenderer is aware of: Well this is what advertising for the company!
If a meteor fell — while not precisely defined. However, some data (for example, the absence of even a trace of the funnel), they say, because it came out during the latter Valdai glacial period, somewhere between the fortieth and thirtieth millennia before modern times. Toddler hit a glacier at a speed of May 20 km per second, failing to break the ice thickness kilometer. This is also evidenced direction Ozawa ridges around the crash meteors: their outline resembles a large spider or cracks around the window thrown stone.
Until I can
find Toddler thousand times looking at the map of the State Park, knew exactly all ozavyya ridge — valapadobnyya hill of sand, gravel and pebbles on the ground of the former ice cracks, but why not thought about this spider their location nearby Crooked Lake — do not understand .. .


…It’s been more than 5 years. Asteroid raised to the highest lake saves almost for nothing popular British company, the title of which, thanks to the kid, now everyone knows. Little weight was 100 tons ninety three. At the moment he is in a round pavilion of dark glass and metal, which can be seen for many miles, especially NIGHT MODE, when the lights lighting. In the past, two thousand and seventh year, National Park "Lakeland" visited five million tourists from around the world. And this despite the significantly higher than previously, the price of the race at the terrain park. Supersuchasnyh built eleven new hotels, particularly in the main outside the State Park. More "lucky" innkeeper "robin", near which "settled" Kid — two new housing and a small old filled to capacity throughout the year.
I was working a lot harder. My wife and I think, and can move to something a humble place, at least for Vilenschina. Both I and my wife — we love peace and quiet, and in the Park, thanks to the kid, very much crowded. On the current state of affairs here in the "Lakes", you could still be live, but …
But there was a day or next event.
On Sunday evening, March sixteenth, I was granted Petrovich majestic plastic bag in his hands.
— Now on the fish was on the curve at the same place. Look who caught a. All hands on my vein cuts, because of an infection. Ice is very thick, barely lifting it, the hole had to expand because they do not wriggle.
I looked in the package. There was a large bass kilograms of tea for three, I never beheld such. Some idea, not yet processed, began to disturb me …
— Listen, Petrovich, he’s one for you now got? — I asked.
— No two are. Only smaller, up to a kilogram. But for myself, I left them at home lie.
— As dark as this? To me as a little out of scale to take them as well? And this, too?
— So I brought it to you, take it, let your Nastya bake it in the oven. And that is something you soon on fish not stroll. And what scales for you? There, I have only one dark and the other svyatleyshy.
I so as not to offend the old man did not give a generous gift and said that on the scales explain later.
The next day I learned the scales in the laboratory and did not believe it for yourself by yourself. Each ichthyologists clear that perch live fifteen, seventeen years maximum.
Taken standards scales showed that two dark perch were aged 5 and 40 ninety seven years. I have listed three times on the screen of the computer microscope annual rings on luskavinah.
Friday evening, after work, I looked to Petrovich, armed instead of our regular beer bottle "Brest pervachka." Petrovich litsezrev her surprise chuckled
— Wow! And what we have for such an occasion? You do seem to be strong do not drink?
I replied:
— Now — I drink. Will celebrate the day of your birth. And you want — Independence day, ninetieth anniversary.
— Since independence as if on Tuesday, 20 5th?
— Well, then a day of birth. How old was for you, but Petrovich? I swear I will not tell anyone, you know me.
Petrovich some time stared into my eyes, sighed, and said later:
— Well, pour.
Two hours later, I knew everything. Not surprisingly, that Petrovich avoided discussions about his own age. I spoke with a man who has been trained in the school, along with Vaclav Lastovskaya. Petrovich at that time lived together with his parents in Pohost In Miory district. When the old man said to me about it, I asked, aghast:
— Which Lastovskaya?
— As it is with what? In order that the monument stands on the square in Minsk Lastovsky.
If Petrovich was sixteen, his family moved here in Berries.
Old told me as he stood in a cordon around the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg during the celebration of three hundred anniversary of the Romanov House (he had served in the Russian Army, was a non-commissioned officer). He participated in Brusilavskim breakthrough. After World War II some time lived in Vilnius, later in Minsk. Was familiar with Ivan and Anton Lutskevich. Then come back here and married. 30 In the fourth, during an armed conflict under Yartseva, was mobilized in the Belarusian army. Conflict, fortunately, have not evolved into something greater and terrible. Our homeland did not dare to go to war with the Baltic Union, which included the then-eight states, including BNR. So Petrovich, never shot, got home and forever more will not cast off. Not surprisingly, that he had no relatives, not including grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and of those long since departed and have forgotten about the ancient or in general did not know him. Judging by the appearance and health Petrovich, he must live more than a dozen years. Acts of his birth, as expected, not long kept in the local archives and placed on file in the province of Polotsk. And the passport inadvertently some bureaucrat worth wrong date of birth, according to which Petrovich almost half a century on the young. So Makar, nobody, apart from me, the real age of the old man does not know, nor did he wish someone vyznat. And I vowed Petrovich, I’ll keep quiet about it.
I did not talk about the extraordinary age Petrovich he caught perca fifviatilis — maybe the last long-lived lake. Only asked what he sees reason to own your own longevity. Petrovich replied:
— And who knows. But I’m not alone here itself. You hike on our graveyard if he was not. Look at the dates of birth and death on the rocks, then you will not be surprised. Maybe we’re surrounded by water which is particularly alive and maybe something else.
But personally, I’m sure that there is not left without a Toddler. Chemical composition, magnetic field, a small radiation is not until the end of a certain nature, and that may still not be registered devices — all this somehow affect the life of organisms that come into contact with an asteroid specifically or indirectly. Anyway, this still need to be silent, and here is the start, that should in fact leave. Yes it’s just a pain in the long bag not hide.
I am sorry that I did not listen then Petrovich, let the kid lying on the days of the lake to the end of the century.

June 2007, Ushachi.

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