Kosachev: Our homeland nothing to do with

"The question is, of course, bilateral relations between Belarus and the United States. Our homeland this has no case. We no payoff is that the United States and Belarus rassvaratstsa into fragments. We are interested to Belarus developed busy in dealing with the world around us — with the coming and subsequent neighbors. We are interested in, that the U.S. and attended a non-confrontational basis in Europe, including countries like Belarus. Because for us ordinary Belarusian-American affairs — it is certainly desirable goal and sure Our homeland that this should help in every possible way. "
Should the official Minsk to make concessions and to release political prisoners before?
Prince Kosachev on this question replied:
"At topic very many superficial. I’m pretty well acquainted with the details of the situation. I know that many so called prisoners actually lured to account for the case that the policy is not connected. I welcome the fact that in the near future the Belarusian authorities went to the premature release of a number of individuals who were considered political prisoners. And I hope that this is the situation in this area will develop. And the U.S. would consider excessive this situation such makarom dramatize. "

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