Kozulin: I’m in isolation jammed Radio Liberty

"Then after the introduction of U.S. sanctions began against sanctions in response to the order in which I am. Large-scale operations, I believe, under the control of the security services, under the title" The blockade Kozulin. "Her goal — absolute isolation from the world around me, from society.
My every chihom following array of different controllers. Here they say that you only put to sleep next to me the chief of the operative part of the colony. Otherwise the whole programm: CCTV, listening, withdrawal from the colony of those even in something suspect concerning contact with me. "
Opposition also reports on reprisals against those employees colonies that treated him as a human, when his wife died Il.

During that difficult time in my life Colonel Koval gave me call home to talk to his wife seriously unhealthy, it almost fired from his job.

"The regime in the colonies became more rigid so that the smallest mistake can cost you dearly staff colony. Only for the fact that in the difficult time of my life, February 10, political officer, Lieutenant Colonel colony Klim Koval gave me the opportunity to call home to talk to his wife seriously unhealthy, it almost fired from his job. immediately sent him on vacation, from which, as pronounced, it shall not return. There is evidence against him going to excite criminal case. And this was my last conversation with his wife. Koval withdid everything humanly and not broken the law. "
Julia Kozulin said that now her father can no longer listen to the colonies Radio Liberty.
"He warns us, that was neat and very insightful. Writes:" Do not forget that I currently am in great isolation. Even Radio Liberty do not listen, so very drown. "Tags: Kozulin, colony, Koval, insulation

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