Kozulin: Should the head of the country to be an example for people

After a sentence of five and a half years in prison for hooliganism and company Tipo riots Alexander Kozulin serving his sentence in prison "Vitsba-3."
Radio reporters sovereign Kozulin handed the job to prepare the transfer on the topic "Should the head of the country to be an example for the citizens." In including he ordered two surveys: in the midst of adults Grodno — the attitude to higher municipal managers. But students of Belarusian State University, whose rector Alexander Kozulin was a couple of years, the answer to which signs associated in their highest position in the country.
Our correspondents also find out that historians think about the uniqueness of Belarusian municipal favorites from antiquity to the present day. Immediately, students discover that According to experts should learn from the Governing adjacent countries such eminent public favorites as Nelson Mandela, Vaclav Havel, Bill Clinton and others. Separate experience dedicated to the theme of the current Belarusian government authority.
Cyarod those. Who comment on these subjects — mother of Alexander Kozulin, his former lawyer Igor Rynkevich and others.
A fail topic Alexander Kozulin — he passed through their daughter Julia arguments about the nature of government. Here is an excerpt from the text concise public editor of the week:
"Power and wished for power, there are two different concepts. Reign — lowest manifestation of consciousness. Indeed, it is born of the worst — usevyklyuchalnym selfishness.
Same power that asvyashchaetstsa higher knowledge and energized heart is service and supreme sacrifice.
Our example of the ruler can say that we have no power-ministry. And there is domination and implementation of their own people to rule vsevyklyuchalnay arrogance and selfishness. "
Former candidate for praezydetny Belarus ’53. Doctor, doctor, favorite BSDP "Gromada". Widow has a 2-daughters and a grandson. Served in the Baltic Fleet Marines, after demobilization he worked for MTW. With reddish diploma graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of BSU. Was secretary of the Komsomol committee of BSU. Worked as a teacher, dean of the Institute, and then in the Ministry of Education department head, deputy and first deputy minister.
From 1996 to 2003 — Head of Belarusian Municipal Institute, from 1998 to 2001 — a member of the Belarusian government minister.
In April 2005 on the unification congress elected chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Hulk." In the same year he became the founder and coordinator of a civilian initiative "will of the people."
In the presidential election of 2006 he was candidates for the presidency of Belarus. He was detained on March 25 during acceleration processions on Dzerzhinsky Avenue and four months later was sentenced to five and a half years in prison for hooliganism and riots company. Serving his sentence in prison "Vitsba-3." In late 2006, 53 a day or held a political hunger strike — sought Lukashenka’s resignation and sought to discern the state with human rights Belarus in the UN Security Council. As a result of the hunger strike by the Government of the United States at a meeting of the UN Security Council raised the issue of Belarus. Amnesty International recognized Alexander Kozulin prisoner of conscience.
Here are some excerpts from an interview with the Belarusian press that the emperor gave Kozulin during the funeral of his wife.
"… I extend my hand Lukashenko, do it with completely untainted heart, unsullied thoughts. I do not have him no malice or hatred, or even irritation. I invite him to forget about all the personal insults. He’s the president, and like we do not want that, he first president of Belarus, part of our history. We have to admit it. But now we are faced with the fact that almost ended in Belarus build a totalitarian country. We have a complete abuse of everything and everyone over the individual, freedom of choice, the opportunity to adore the one who wish to be friends with those with whom I wish to think about the possibility. This is the limit beyond which the haze. We all go under God, and I call Lukashenka really become president of the country, and not ordinary mortals. "
"… I’m ready without ambition and feelings open a discussion the problem of the common good of civilization … The wisdom of older generations that readeh? Full violence leads to destruction. Selfishness leads to spiritual annihilation. This trivial things to which we go. "
"… I remember Petr Kravchenko came out and said," I can become a public hero. "But do not man is decides, and society. Favourite not can tell "I have a favorite." This people decide. Because if people decide that I can be so, it is a different situation. But I have such statements will not do. "
"… I was and am free. Liberty — a concept internal, not external. Does not matter where the person is. Unlimited number of people who at large, in fact are in the slammer own desires and passions. They are slaves, can not be little slave, even when he became a slave in something, it is forever. "
"… I was never a slave, never going to anyone’s lap. Currently there is a struggle civilizational problems. So it was that I focused on these problems clot. Decide the question, who overcomes — good and light or hatred and yarasts. With my wife and me our government stepped over the most sacred shrine she stomped that can not trample. We need to realize that we all need to move away from the depths myarzotstsya, meanness and gloom. We must allow the light to be released in the beginning of each man, what is good. "

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