Krasouski: On camera, you can only step 2 to step

Paul Krasowski, together with other local activists were detained on March 23 during a rally in Zhodino, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the BNR, and arrested for 7 days. On Sunday, he was released.

Hanna Sous"Paul, please tell me whether all arrested in Zhodino together with you already were released?"
Paul Krasovskii: "Yes, we all came together after 7 days of arrest on March 30. Manager was sitting with me in Grodno movement" For Freedom "Yuri Zhilko Alexander Komorowski — the chairman of the local branch of disabled Afghans, Colonel supplies. Yury Silkin — Chairman of the Joint Organization Zhodinskaya civilian party" .

Sous: "Now from the bullpen Akrestsin Street in Minsk after serving 10 days of arrest will be released to freedom activists of youth organizations who have been arrested for his role in action on March 25.
I recall that in the day Will police cordoned off the area Kolas — planning a gathering place of the commemorative march. About 2-hundred people tried to break through the cordon of policemen on Independence Avenue from the street Kozlov. As a result hassle commandos arrested 88 people.
Love Luneva will meet at the gate bullpen those who served 10 days.

And with us on telephone as before managing Zhodino department "Young Front" Paul Krasovskii. Paul, in the midst of the plot Lyubov Luneva others indicate the criteria for detention. Like Zhodinsikm prison? Be able to compare … "

For example we have the camera just does not have a toilet. Was just a bucket with a lid

Krasovskii: "Naturally, in Zhodino prison conditions much worse. Near the town of general conditions in the prisons are very bad. For example we have the camera just does not have a toilet. Stood just a bucket with a lid. Also there is no ventilation. Virtually camera of this size, just go impossible. Two steps can only step. naturally very bad conditions. was sitting with us veteran Lt. Col. Alexander Komorowski. His 69 years, and still he was thrown in jail. It was very difficult to breathe this air. If stuffed in the chamber 9 people and 8 or 7 start smoking, it is clear that the eyes slyazyatstsa of smoke. vyvetryvaetstsa And nothing, watches worth the smell. Painfully just get sick … "
Sous"Now in Minsk prisoners Akrestsin come meet colleagues. Either you met? Paul as principled you personally here, this solidarity, support associates?"
Krasovskii: "We have not seen since we were released earlier in the hour, because we knew that we would meet. As we came out, gathered about 20 people from Minsk people arrived, there were Zhodinskaya activists. It was very nice. Since if you know that you meet know that you’re sitting in the bullpen not for domestic offense and sit at home, for the truth, and that there are people who support you. Naturally, this is a very giving strength to see out this period, so do not give up, and just to believe in what you’re doing. "

Help Liberty
Paul was born in Zhodino Sneakers. Finished Zhodinskaya Belarusian gymnasium, music school class of percussion instruments. Since 2000, "Yun front." He studied at the Pedagogical Institute, but in 2004 was expelled from the second year. Three times stints in jail — twice serving administrative detention, and held in solitary confinement in a criminal case. Against Paul Krasowski wound up two criminal cases. First presidential election the other day for insulting local officials. The second — on the events in Vitebsk, where he was detained as a suspect in the attack at first, and later even murder. But the case against him quickly suspended. Currently, Paul works in the regional center of Minsk Region disabled. Has a wife and son Arseny, who for a year and three months.

Sous: Paul, please tell me, as a family, your spouse and your ancestors belong to the public activity? "

"With parents and wife I was lucky. They are normally, but not necessarily worry about the fact that I do not go somewhere suneshsya, that did not put me. As for parents, relatives always very hard when thrown in jail. They do not know what’s happening to you — there you are beaten, fed or not fed, transmission reach, do not reach. It’s stressful, it is understandable. "

They do not know what’s happening to you — there you are beaten, fed or not fed, transmission reach, do not reach

Sous"Paul, and now a few words about your fellow fighter Catherine Solovyov. Tribunal appointed by her on April 8. Damu blame participation in an unregistered organization" Young Front ". Kasya will be judged in the court of Polotsk. Tenth She became an activist organization that lured to criminal responsibility for his role in "Yuen front." Last year in December, Catherine Solovyov expelled from Polotsk Municipal Institute, where she studied at the British language teacher. March 25 she was arrested during a crackdown street rally and sentenced to detention for five days. As Tribunal had to go through March 27, was appointed the latest date — April 8. Tribunal will begin at 10.30. Paul, please tell me whether you arrive in Polotsk Tribunal support Catherine? Certainly not the one you … "
Krasovskii"I, unfortunately, will not work, but yesterday I talked to my colleagues. People are going to come from all over Belarus in Polotsk to support Catherine. I think that people will go out of Zhodino. Naturally, we were three people in a criminal case for his role in an unregistered organization. lot of people questioned in the case, even those not care for her had never. ‘Cause we know what really it is. "

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