L.Gryaznova: You must believe in yourself with all criteria

Lyudmila Hraznova — PhD in Economics. In the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation was Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Budget, Taxes and Duties, signed under demanding impeachment Lukashenko. Came to the organizing committee civilian initiative "Charter 97", the last four years — Deputy Chairman of the Joint civilian party. Lyudmila Hraznova headed registered in Vilnius public association "Union of Human Rights." Now she knows about certain qualities of the latest campaign.
Ulitenok: "There was the idea of creating not only a general list of the Democratic candidates, and organize the studies more than a thousand people who will enter the monitoring committees" …
Hraznova: "It is necessary to seek a Central Election Commission to allow observers to really look after the procedure and really build the voting process — really need to make it transparent. To do this, the authorities do not need anything special."
Ulitenok: "Especially how realistically achieve the introduction of these new rules from conventional complex Belarusian authorities?"
Hraznova"This can be achieved only when they see in front of you force — organized in a large, real movement."
Ulitenok"You will, by the way, stand out?"
Hraznova: "I have entered into the list of 110 candidates."
Ulitenok: "But many of the opposition stands on previous positions: unfree elections, the government is not going to make concessions because sense to participate in them not, because the fact, he says, we are helping to legitimize the imperative."

First step enables pre-election debates with people. And you did not meet them, it is the next time disorder

Hraznova"But if we do nothing, if not a drop will whet stone, and nothing will not work out. Or the change process will be very long. Election first step enables discussions with people. And you did not meet them, it is the next time the disorder. Well, what kind of strategy will elect power … It all depends on the internal situation, and from external events. Here, as they say, is the second question. A first — use the situation to allow campaigning, contact with the world, to carry on with her dialogue.
Ulitenok"It’s no secret that many in the regions where missing and offended, for example, in the Mogilev region who are dissatisfied with the fact that they paid attention. They feel no worse than you promoted. What say?"
Hraznova: "Not all, and not always smooth. And not every time, I suppose, opposition vertex can determine true — error, of course, likely. Probability and different conflicts. And we all basically with all this not vyplesnuts combined with water and baby … "
Ulitenok"For simplicity: you believe in your victory?"
Hraznova: "Naturally, we would like … Years are not the same, to be romantic. In any case you need to keep, you need to believe in yourself when all the criteria."

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