Labels — a reflection of the real culture

In Belarus, it is not yet common passion, but there are a few 10’s of collectors of beer caps, labels and other mind-blowing things. There are hundreds of unorganized collector, which is not enough who knows — so called underground. At the first international congress invited our neighbors — a collector of, Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania.
Breweriana — is all that is associated with beer: labels, bottles, jars, tubes, adkryvachki, stands for glasses, glasses themselves, trays, lighters, which marked logos breweries. Collector of such products appeared almost immediately with the invention of the amber beverage. In Belarus, the movement took shape in the late 1980s. Belarusian collector participated in similar events in almost all countries of the world, and now for the first time invited to visit colleagues.
PR-manager of the public company "Krynica" Ella Matveeva reads as follows:
"For us, it did not at first PR-move, and specifically support the use of the product of culture, respect for the traditions of beer. Since, unfortunately, a beer just like a younger brother to the strong spirits, and we talking about, that it is usual usual drink, including normal for the Belarusian culinary culture, for the Belarusian food culture. "
Managing club "Birafilist" Anton Rymashevski collects beer caps, he — the owner of the largest collection in Belarus:
"In my collection of about 8 thousand jams. Presents 130 countries in the world. Main source of revenue collection — particularly exchange. During one exchange exchange (we call it so) can trade up to 500 tubes. Naturally, drink 500 bottles of beer very seriously, much less find 500 different ".
Correspondent"What is considered a rarity?"
"Iron beer tube is not so long ago appeared previously porcelain stopper. Greatest rarity that I beheld in own life — Chilean cork 1905 in the collection of the 1st capital of the collector. "
Member "Birafilist" Yuriy Lopatin collects labels, with enough special:
"Beer labels, which depicts Santa Claus, deer and others Christmas joy. They are quite rare, seasonal product. I, for example, with around the world There are about 2-thousand such labels. The collection is valuable because there are small breweries, which mark another such prazdnichkom not spare money on new labels, consumers to have fun. "
By the way, — 684 Belarusian beer labels (174 — "Lida brewery" 132 — "Sources, 105 -" Alivaria ").
PR-manager "Krynica" Ella Matveeva continues:
"Speaking of the label, we treat it as one of the founders belonged movement Breweriana collector Rudolf Kazarsky: label, which is part of the product is a reflection of the real culture of the society. A collector — this is not queer romance, indeed collector — it keepers stories the real culture of the society. "Tags: congress, a source beer labels collector, birafilist

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