Last defendant in the case of 14: I will return to Belarus

Recently the Central district tribunal sentenced three other defendants in the "process 14." Referee Valery Esman sentenced Pavel Vinogradov and Misha Subach to two years of imprisonment and a minor Maksim Dashuk and a half years — all without sending them to the commandant.
Youth activists, protesters business January 10, accused of organizing and participating in group activities that Tipo grossly violated public policy. 13 people have already been convicted.
Nine of them were sentenced to imprisonment for two years without sending them to penitentiary minor Maksim Dashuk got 18 months imprisonment without sending them to penitentiary and fined two. Andrei Kim is imprisoned for 18 months.
Fourteenth decoy "case 14" — student kalinovets Alexander Barazenka — Announced at the Criminal Investigation Department. Alexander — the future political scientist and trained in the Wroclaw Institute in Poland.
"It was clear that no one was acquitted. I, of course, 100 percent will go back to their homeland. I do not know when that will be, may, This year, at the end of training. But I’m not going to hide and wait until something will change in Belarus. I’ll come back and will do together with his associates, these configurations. "
Convicted previously of the "Case 14" favorite "Young Democrats" Misha Pashkevich watched the trial of Grape, Subach and Dashuk.
"Several events was that gave hope that the process will be completed more liberal than its predecessor. What I heard, I could not believe my ears. I waited all the same arbitrator will give less. Accordingly, now is part of the third — it cassation. Borozenko Case — this case 4th. But he is unlikely to return to the final consideration. Let’s see what decisions will make Minsk city tribunal, because it will be the final decision. And here begins the most exciting. "
Favourite national association of businessmen "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka relative sentences in the "case 14" said:
"I believe that it is politically targeted solutions, because if you guys somehow violated the order, they had already served an administrative penalty, including me. But the government must show that there will be those who will try again to repeat the same What happened this year in the shares of business. "
Vice-President of the International Federation of Human Rights Ales Bialiatski said:
"After those sentences that were after the first 10 matches, it was expected that the sentence would simply repeated. But I thought that would be a minor penalty. All this, of course, sad. It states that the Belarusian authorities continue a policy of repression against their political opponents, no matter what. Deeply angered Belarusian human rights activists. fact that these three concerns, the evidence base was small and it is clear that the arbitrator did just political order. Custom business completely. "
The action businessmen in central Minsk against presidential decree number 760 January 10 participated about 3 thousand people. A few 10’s were arrested and beaten. Against the 14 accused of participating in the mass mess. Andrei Kim received 18 months jail. Vladimir Sergeyev and Anton Koipish sentenced fines of 3.5 million rubles, nine people received 2 years of imprisonment without sending in the commandant’s office. This Misha Pashkevich, Alex Bondar, Artsyom Dubski, Streltsov Ales, Ales Chernyshev, Misha Kryvau Tatiana Tsishkevich, Pavel Vinogradov, Misha Suboch. Maxim Dashuk got 18 months of restriction of freedom and without direction in the prison colony. Let me remind you also that more April 15 Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution on abuses in the criminal justice system in Belarus. The resolution calls on the middle of the rest of the defenders to keep records not only politically targeted victims of abuse, and guilty of such abuses.

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