Last warning Lyudmila Atakulava

Earlier, the girl was threatened with expulsion from school, accused of skipping classes with disrespectful circumstances. Detention and arrest the girl indicated departure absenteeism.
Lyudmila Atakulava told "Radio Liberty" that students who signed the statement in support, one call to the dean of the institute.
January 16 commandos arrested for attempting to Lyudmila solidarity action Artur Finkevich. In her knapsack found the portraits of the Young, which then was still in jail. Lady accused of hooliganism and small arrested for 10 days. March 25 she was again arrested for his role in the celebration of days Will and arrested for 15 days.
When Lyudmila came to the school, group leader said that she was asked to count all absences. Day of his arrest counted as omissions of disrespectful background. Lady warned that it is likely to be dismissed.
But yesterday, April 22, when the Central District Court read out the sentences to youth activists, Lyudmila invited to the university administration. Rector Vladimir Shimov student said that she will be trained on. But he warned that if its delay, then immediately delete her name from the list of students.
Voice Lyudmila Atakulava:
‘Cause some students to the dean and asked why they put their signatures. They say: "We told you so, keep it out of politics." Although I do not know what’s the policy, if you just put your own signature for the other so it is not deducted from the school. During a conversation with the rector, he showed me a printout, including the website of Radio Liberty, and warned me to nothing more reported to journalists. recommend better not to do. ‘Cause I believe that this resonance it sure scared. Well, apparently, even the experience that he has, after exclusion Tony Homa. "
Anton Koipish, tribunal which punished by a fine in the criminal case against youth activists on the events on January 10, had been expelled from the IV course of Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of BSU.
He said he did the same for the next day after he was given the status of the accused — even during the investigation.
"I needed to go to the March 3 investigative committee, but because I had to retake the exam, I asked to postpone the visit to the 4th. Direction I came to the exam, but instead I give this paper that I expelled for academic failure. The next day I’m getting accused the investigative committee, and I have 5 March deduct all. Thus here a day or two of these — especially frisky period by the standards of the Institute. "
Little earlier expelled from the journalism faculty of BSU Franak Vyachorka. In response, Swedish partners BSU stopped for an indefinite period of cooperation with this institution.
This year, six of the institutions expelled youth activists of the democratic movement. Favorite "Young Front" Zmitser Dashkevich believes that the reduction in the 10’s times the number expelled from universities for political reasons influenced programm Constantine Kalinowski and other projects that have enabled students to continue their studies abroad.
Dashkevich"Once in 2006 launched programm Constantine Kalinowski, the amount of deductions for political reasons has decreased significantly. Now our activists in the main endure severe reprimand, try to influence them somehow morally. Rule in the latter case, as, for example, came out with Catherine Solovevoj. The main condition — that the young activists were trained well and did not give a formal reason for expulsion. "
Soloviev Ekaterina not trained in the Polotsk municipal institute of December last year. Damu was expelled after she filed against two criminal cases. This year she was sentenced for his role in an unregistered organization. April 24 Kasya summoned to the prosecutor’s office to confront. Investigators they say that have found an eyewitness who Tipo beheld as Kasia doing graffiti and hung out flags. Tags: Vyachorka Dashkevich Solovyov Shimov, Homa, Atakulava, Koipish

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