Last year Belarus was trading tool with 50 states

Foreign Ministry of Belarus prepares reports on the export of arms and military equipment since 2002. At first, they published a list of states that sold Belarusian gun, and a table with a list and the number of guns sold. Now, the report says only Belarus was trading tool with 50 countries of the world, exporters were 82 Belarusian companies and organizations. In the past year, eight new companies appeared experts for year wasexecuted on 250 licenses for the import and export of weapons.
Right to export arms and military equipment belonging to the state, including military units were transferred to three companies "Belspetsvneshtechnika", "Belvneshpromservice" and "Beltechexport."
For disk imaging, previously hosted U.S. Congressional Research Service for 1998-2001, Belarus sold guns to one billion dollars and now ranks 11th in the world. Three years Belarus came in reverse twenty guns more active sellers in the world. Officially been proven sales Belarusian guns to Iran, Sudan, Côte d’Ivoire, Peru, Uganda. Was trading aircraft geliokopterami, armored personnel carriers, tanks and other equipment.
At the moment, the structure of the Belarusian exports changed. In 1-x, the heavy equipment supplies Russian production ended, and in-2, the world’s increased demand for other products and services to military use — says military expert Alexander Alesin:
"Specialization of Belarus on the international arms market now is the supply of automatic control systems of air defense, aviation guidance systems for tanks, artillery and other. Plus now they say about the radar. "
According to Alesina, besides, Belarus intensively engaged in modernization of military equipment, dual-use technology implements. Alexander Alesin estimated the volume of the Belarusian military exports for past year 300 million dollars. Official disk imaging this occasion not.
Last year Belarus has signed several military-technical contracts with Venezuela totaling billions of dollars. These agreements allow download Belarusian MIC another a couple of years. Belarus will supply Venezuela defense weapons, automatic control, electric struggle.

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