LDCs: Seltzer sick .. and gets in the bullpen far not all medicines.

According to the creator of the film Vladimir Kozlovsky remand KGB "American" — as a launderette. "Prisoner" American "Zeltser diabetes, gout and arthritis gets slammer far not all he needed medicine."
"Pharmaceuticals Zeltser also need a lot. His friends suggest that he constantly takes some pills. Very hard present for yourself, so that in Minsk bullpen was such a range of medicines, both in New York. Because health status Zeltser, who among his Emiko known as a cause for concern in the midst of his family. In addition, Belarusian court does not apply to the creation of an exemplary "- says the creator of the article in the LDCs, and continues:
"Certainly, there are those who react to all this intimidating. Past 25 years Zeltser than once accused of fraud, although I understand that the court only at one point accused him and ordered to pay the victim 2 million bucks . "
According to Vladimir Kozlovsky, at the time of writing (25.03) Belarusian authorities did not put forward any charges nor Emanuel Zeltser, nor his secretary, "young and beautiful Russian woman" Vladlena Funk.
Law enforcement agencies arrested accused Belarus Tipo forgery and fraud. In the same Zeltser also vkladyvatelnogo South American banker Joseph Kay (aka Joseph Kakalashvili-Badri Patakarkatsyshvili stepbrother) and lawyer Alexander Fishkin and relatives blamed Georgian oligarch, who died recently in London.
But if Zeltser and Funk was arrested in Minsk airport looks completely incomprehensible if they could perform their alleged forgery and fraud, says Vladimir Kozlovsky.
LDC Seltzer emigrated to the U.S. in 1974 from Chisinau. In Moldova, he studied at the Art Institute on the pianist and because some time American pianist worked at a strip club. He was the founder of the "Russian Radio" in the United States, whose financial affairs poorly investigated prosecutors.
Seltzer also once tried to blame forgery. Many seemed incomprehensible and even home-made his diploma from the Law Faculty Kishynevskaga Institute.
"Smart Seltzer realized very early that of success in the U.S. is very useful to have the title of lawyer and be a good organization manage, even if it will consist of only 2-persons — manager and secretary. A non-governmental company, American-Russian Law Institute, and made Seltzer. It is located in his New York apartment in the house number 253 on West 76th Street in Manhattan, "- says Vladimir Kozlovsky in LDCs.
According to an interview with his brother Mark Zeltser other media, Emanuel kept in "The Americans" as a hostage to obtain his testimony against Joseph Kay. Seltzer arrived in Minsk to get some assets Patarkatsishvili who Tipo, according to the will of the oligarch must currently belong to his brother Joseph Kay.

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