Lena Zakharenko: I see dad in his sleep, holding his hand

KaratkevichLena, or whether you are looking at what the disappearance of your father in modern Belarus will be disclosed?
Zakharenko: The investigation is not conducted entirely no. Nine years have passed. During this time not named any artists or customers of this terrible crime. And until now the tattoo did not recognize the dead …
Karatkevich: Who do you think is directly to blame for this atrocity?

I and my family feel guilty about the current government.
Karatkevich: Some members of the opposition blame your father that he had, for example, related to overclocking April 12, 1995 the Supreme Soviet deputies XII convocation. How do you respond to such accusations?
Zakharenko: Please tell me whether a man whose sense of honor and the pros indivisible, after a perfect meanness to come back to the people? How could he look after them in the eye? Could the Council officers generally go after him?
Generally speaking, all those who knew my father, do not ask such questions, because everything is clear. Surely such patriots own country, like my father, much is not enough …
While in power, he was aware that the government is undemocratic method. And because it was removed from the post of Minister of the Interior. Lukashenko dismissed it.
Karatkevich: Living in Belarus, you worked in the Ministry of Interior. Namely, communicated with very heavy children. Why did you leave this job in Minsk?
Zakharenko: While in Belarus, I would be unable to continue its own work … Could not, for example, quietly look like my colleagues teach skillfully shoot down people — beat so that later could be seen traces that there was no bruising. It was just immoral — is there.
KaratkevichLena, this is your father suggested for you or recommend to work well in the internal affairs, you made your own choice?
Zakharenko: Maybe it’s dynasty.
Karatkevich: Do you think there dynasty in such area?
Zakharenko: I think that happens …
I wanted to use this opportunity to thank the young people who at the moment and is not afraid to go outside, also wishes to perpetuate the memory of my father. I am very vzvarushanaya. You understand that someone once asked me, I would be willing to have a different fate or another father, I would have said "no." I’m honored that I grew up with a man and that he’s in my heart.

When we arrange for an interview, you talk about the fact that he is your dream …
ZakharenkoHe dreams me. Maybe also because I go to church, I do not know what angle I put a candle: or repose, or health. We are at the moment between heaven and earth. We did not bury dad, we do not beheld his body. Because from time to time I see the pope in a dream, holding his hand, saying, "Dad, I do not want to wake up, tell me where you wish to find out in the end, show, open our eyes, we can no longer in such ignorance . "
It is very hard. Hard for us at least since we are not at home. After all, as they say, in their own home and angles help. We are in the midst of people with a different mindset, in the midst of completely strangers who rejoice, laugh and do not understand what’s on your mind. And we can not even anyone to tell about their own failure.
At this point in the conversation, I give you my pain a little Belarusians, as one is always very difficult to endure such pain, even more so that my father gave his life for his homeland. This is perhaps slightly pathetic sounds, but it is. All his life was connected with the homeland.
Karatkevich: What was it like a man, spices? ..
ZakharenkoI can say that we have actually never beheld his home. He was at work: how much cover the atrocities had fully all matters relating to the detention unit. He was just a man’s own business …

: As he spoke about the current regime in Belarus?

He directly stated that the first offender is in power, that power is criminal that the junta came to power that established a dictatorship. Such assessments at home constantly sounded.
KaratkevichBut more than a year he was interior minister. Why did he then did nothing to make it change?
Zakharenko: During his tenure as Minister of the Interior, he has just not been fully realized … Here and there, I think, six months later, he began to understand, I saw that still happening in Belarus. Then he was not a politician, he was a man of their own business — a conscientious man who fought crime. Tags: years, Zakharenko, a day or, disappearance of Yuri Zakharenko, 9, with Alain

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