Leonid Moryakov helping soul repressed

Thanks Leonid placed last in terms of dates, in articles

The celebration began with a welcome and rewarding musical hero of the day. At first, his friends gave him the Medal of historical club "Spadchyna" later personal medal with the inscription "50" presented Leonid Moryakov writer Olga Ipatova.
Sounded gratitude for assistance in tracing the repressed relatives. An example of the emperor Mariners found in the archives of documents shot by the Bolsheviks in 1933, the grandfather of the writer Vladimir Orlova.
"Only thanks to Leonid placed last point above and in dates in articles according to which his grandfather was shot. Again thank Leonid, for you from me and, for sure, and hundreds of thousands of those who have already said to you, and thank you even utter who receive, thanks to your website, this information. "
A chairman of the Belarusian PEN Center Vladimir Nyaklyayeu reminded the audience that in the encyclopedic reference to the lists of the repressed Belarusian intellectuals compiled by Leonid Moryakov, creator awarded named Frantisek Bogushevich 2007. And inadmissibility allocated in the current realities of the position apolitical young creators.

What made me that had to do 100 or two people

"What I did Mariners these books gives even realize this boy depth of the catastrophe that has already gone through Belarus and which is Now. This is the first reason why the PEN Center gave Moryakov medal, and strongly encourage these books out. But whoever and whatever contributed, without really indescribable own gravity works ethe man they would not be. "
Rosshukavaya work victims of repression in Belarus sovereign Makarova seized 10 years ago. He is convinced that he contribute to the repressed souls.
"It turns out that I made that have have done 100 or two people. I think that here is the shot October 29, 1937 weaving, it also helps and gives some superhuman energy. "
Leonid Seafarers dreams have more opportunities for new work.
"I would wish to get rid of those situations where you know where there are documents, but you can not take advantage of them, and you know where the graves of our poets in Siberia, and you can not go, because it needs a lot of money."
The event was suggested to support the work on the study of repression make a special fund and give it the name of the poet Valery Makarov — shot by the Bolsheviks Uncle Anatoly Makarov. Tags: sailors

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