Leonid Shchamyalou: Perspective tragic works

Conversation was accomplished in the artist about his birthday. 85 years Leonid Shchemelev celebrated in February, and he noted his disease in the clinic. After recovering the first interview — for Radio Liberty. Now — the second part of the interview. First sounded in the morning air "Svabordy" yesterday.

Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "You always stress that are associated with the passage of time. And in what year your pictures were more colorful, sensual, optimistic?"

Painters became more and become harder to sell their products. Because painters often stifle the desire to implement the painting itself

Leonid Shchamyalou: "With regard to the senses, it is the eighties. Later there was a time of uncertainty, crumbling Russian power. Etudy I wrote, sold them or even exhibited. Aimed at certain subjects were not a lot of work. And then again, society has become interested in my works. If you feel that you are taking, and then try to prove themselves more curious. And when they began to take work, it has given the means and the creative impulse to work. That for me is very fundamentally to work every day. And every day is something new. Exult this. "

Rakytskyy"Your paintings acquire those who understands the art?"
Shchamyalou: "Maybe they do not fully understand. But in the sense of spirituality that’s smart people. And they get what connects them to the artist who wrote it. Acquisition picture man expresses his attitude toward one or another artist."
Rakytskyy"Can I read that the level of art education, or flavor development in Belarus grew up?"
Shchamyalou: "Certainly, increased. Grew and the realization that you must take. Matter is different. Painters became more and become harder to sell their products. Because painters often stifle yourself the desire to implement the painting. His purchased, and he rejoices. But it is not always perfect" .
Rakytskyy: "Why?"
Shchamyalou: "And as they could buy not a good job. You do follow-up work such a plan, and she goes again. A third time you do you get used to painting carelessly."
Rakytskyy: "From what you’ve done over the past few years, which works themselves more happy?"
Shchamyalou "At the last exhibition were shown two pictures, which I am happy. It — Portrait wife and filmmaker Yuri Marukhin. Works a lot. But read for himself what worked well and what is not, is not always fall. I was curious to work on a huge canvas "Walk the field" of Makhno. "
Rakytskyy: "Are you thinking about the future fate of all manufactured by you?"

Shchamyalou"The prospect of tragic works. And not only me, but all of the Belarusian art. Can not all of the significant fall in the Belarusian art museum. Specifically, in a museum, because only there eyes focused on the arts and collected all the best from the state of art. But, in my opinion, maybe I’m wrong, many who decides the fate of art, taught to express judgments about the paintings in Moscow or St. Petersburg. And they value very primitive: bad and everything. Personally, they are not prepared to find jobs that are worthy of being in a museum. Many of the works are exhibited in our art museum, do not bear the sight of contemporary art. "
Rakytskyy: "You do not believe that someone in Belarus in recent years really will assemble the best thing in the State Museum of Art?"

Shchamyalou: "So far so. But I think that there should be such a person. He should be."
Rakytskyy"Who takes care of your paintings?"
Shchamyalou"I myself. Nobody ever fussed about me. Apart Lena Vasilevny Aladova …"
Lena Aladova — the famous organizer of museum activities in Belarus. From 1944 to 1977 she was director of the State Museum of Art.

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