Lipa in the applicants’ Euro Marsha

Representatives "Minskzelenstroy" stated that during Euro marchers were "damaged elements of improvement." It came because of differences from the assigned route. They stated that the demonstrators
was "spontaneously trampled lawn," broken one linden near Svislochi diameter of 12 cm and broken bushes. According to "Minskzelenstroy" Harmed 1 million 400 thousand rubles. The court heard the witness — section chief Mary Kuntcevich. Relatively limes, she said,
"I do not know how it happened. Maybe someone pushed someone. I do not think it specifically. General, maybe there were 5 people. I do not know. But when I came, it was podlomleno. I I think that someone would crush, it happened, perhaps, someone pushed someone unintentionally. "
Proceedings take place without the participation of the defendants — Milinkevich, Anatoly Lebedko Ivashkevich Vintsuk Vyachorka, Anatoly Lebedko, Dmitri Fedoruk and Afnagel. Murentsovoy referee decided to submit them to force another meeting on April 25.

Zmiter Fedoruk Pronunciation:
"My mom works just in "Minskzelenstroy" and told how to fold these papers. People were afraid to sign them. Many schemes where he was trampled this lawn. And indeed, in fact lacks any motivation part. In other words it’s just sucked from the finger and paper orders just fine for a certain amount of people. "
Afnagel said that these claims authorities want to intimidate applicants shares:
"Maybe it’s the way to do Travel Abroad these six people. And just casually fill the coffers, because the country’s economic crisis and need money."
Sovereign Afngael adds that during the Euro in general march was in the clink Akrestsin Street and could not affect his conduct.
"About what I know from the protesters, such was nothing. And while at least some of the opposition shares the things referred to in these lawsuits — no. Because people behave decently, do not litter and preserve order. Vinavachanni put forward to our the address — just nonsense. "
Yesterday Russian district of Minsk Tribunal upheld the claim of the enterprise "Gorremavtodor" Mingorispolkom to applicants Euro march. The Tribunal ordered the defendants to pay more than 2 million rubles as compensation for the costs of cleaning the streets. A waiting list of several similar complaints from city agencies.

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