List of deportees from Russia hermits

1.Natallya Klimovich, born in 1964, resident Zhabinka.
2.Alena Panasiuc, born in 1957, resident of Brest.
3rd Svetlana Zhukovich, born in 1957, resident of the Stolin district.
Fourth Olga Karpovich, born in 1936, resident of Bobruisk.
5th Evdokia Popov, born in 1937, resident of Mogilev region.
According to Colonel Salmin, Now in the presence of a representative of the Embassy of Belarus in Russia these ladies again said they did not wish to leave the region:
"All the same, we execute the deportation — Colonel singled Salmin — no fines, or else punishment as this hurry to declare certain media will not use. There are appropriate arrangements with the Embassy of Belarus in Russia, also with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. "
ThD Vladimir Martinovich believes that each of the Belarusian sektantak presently requires the help of professionals, psychologists first. Meanwhile scientist proves that such qualified service in Belarus yet.
First, in November 2007 35 people (in including — four kids) took refuge in the basement equipped with advance Bekovsky near Penza. Hermit decided to stay there until May 2008, when, in their opinion, should come to an end. By the isolation they prepared painstakingly accumulated stuff for life and food.
According to the official disk imaging Belarusian Embassy in Russia, in an underground shelter in Russian village Nikolsky were 10 people in Belarus, among them two kids. Adults consider themselves adherents of the sect "Mountain Jerusalem" headed inhabitant village Nikolsky Pyotr Kuznetsov. This preacher in 2006-2007 a couple of visits to the regions of Belarus, where it later left and hid in a cave his supporters hermit.

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