Literary Evening Sweden — Belarus

On the literary evening came a few 10’s of people. Among them Managing diplomatic mission of the Swedish Embassy in Belarus Stefan Eriksson, writer Olga Ipatova, philosopher Valentin Akudovich, Swedish writer Power Mindn salt Drip, Ida Berel, Polish translator and French into Swedish Andesh Budegord and others. Party led Victor Shalkevich.
The event took place in a nontraditional form, when poets and writers read excerpts of his own works, and to conduct quizzes and humorous songs together.
First on the scene singing Stefan Eriksson.
Later invited to the scene of the poet Vladimir Neklyaeva. He, together with Ambassador sang in Swedish. Victor Shalkevich accompanied them.

Basically, there is enthusiasm for the Belarusian poetry that was translated into Swedish

Swedish writer also on offer leading speli couple verses in Belarusian.
Olga Ipatova expressed that these parties are very necessary writer.
"It is important that there is interest in the Belarusian poetry that was translated into Swedish. Meet us at the moment is very difficult. You understand that once was the magazine" Foreign Literature ", almost all translated. Now almost nothing. I understand how librarians in the villages leans … Earlier this responsibility was such that foreign is always safe. Currently no Russian times, but the same …
Someone with a sense of humor said that if those writers with whom you must eyebrow, then everything would be open to all thundered, zvinela would be television and could be all correspondents. And it’s not cheap, that the Swedes are working with the same writers again, not for political reasons, and according to Prof. quality. "
23 travnyazh literary evening held in Luninets, and May 24, Baranovichi.

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