Lithuanian President-independent Belarus — our strategic enthusiasm

Valdas Adamkus congratulated the guests on the 90th anniversary of the founding of the BNR and recalled that in This year Lithuania also noted in the February 90th anniversary of their independence.
"Free and is independent of Belarus — a strategic enthusiasm our country. And not only on cultural, historical reasons that we are close and important. Free Belarus is independent given the opportunity Lithuania out of the shadows and build a business in this region, "a huge crossroads" not according to someone else’s secret agreements, and the normal neighborly dialogue "- said Adamkus.
Lithuanian president said that the Belarusians themselves should choose their own path, but stressed that the greatest concern is the state of Lithuanian democracy in Belarus. Valdas Adamkus urged Belarusian authorities end acts against civilians freedoms:
"You can only imagine how such acts designed Belarusian authorities, when referenced from Minsk Western diplomats detained journalists from Lithuania and other states, when broken camera journalists, if the crossing border confiscated legitimate property of the people. Such acts we do not support and believe them harmful to the interests of the Belarusians.
But we have supported and will support the reasonable act aimed at closely ties with the West, and Europe. Of success of a civilization that is now fighting for its freedom and democracy! "

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