Liver transplant in the second time

Liver transplanted 51-year-old lady who had cirrhosis of the liver, and which was in so called the "Letter of expectations."
Second liver transplantation conducted the same team of doctors, that didas the first.
Team of doctors headed by Oleg Rummo, Deputy head doctor of surgery 9th medical clinic.
In an interview with Radio Liberty, Oleg Rummo said:
"We do what we must do the doctors. You overestimate me as a person. I am a doctor from ordinary everyday clinic … They say to us: there is such a donor organ such groups. When we receive this information, we come, if the organ decent properties, we will pick up. That this operation will be, we learned NIGHT MODE. At 5 am began operation … "
Oleg Rummo — 37 years old, he was the candidate of medical sciences, trained in the best clinics of Germany and the Russian Federation, Last year participated 3-x-10 framework of similar operations in the Charite clinic in Germany.
Continued second liver transplant more than 10 hours. Now doctors assess the state of the ladies, which transplanted the liver, as measured.
First liver transplant operation was carried out two weeks back, in the night from 2nd to 3rd of April. Then the liver was transplanted 31-year-old Sergei Stanislavchik, who also suffered cirrhosis. The operation lasted 12 hours at the moment the patient walks without the help of others, but is still under medical supervision in a clinic.

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