Lukashenko began eventually ask to Europe

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On the days of Alexander Lukashenko gave an interview to the news agency Reuters. The Belarusian leader did not rule out that he will run for the next, fourth, time. He also said: "If the opposition is now rated at an arithmetic error, whether they appear in the parliament? Such opposition in parliament will not be. But if there will be some opposition, then this will not spoil our parliament. "Students respond to statements sovereign Lukashenko:
Man: "For a long time before the elections so referred House of Representatives our leader decided to declare that none of the opposition did not get there because the opposition, they say, does not work with people. And who else but you, Alexander G., with its bureaucrats in the field to this in every way? If you are such a brave, if you are such confident within yourself, invite the opposition to live televised debates, and we’ll see. "
Man: "Lukashenko began, in the end, ask in Europe. I listened as he lied, just think about it unpleasant. Our homeland prevents him, Europe would not let him, too, and it hurts America, does not allow us to live. And Lukashenka himself blanch that such clever. Such president will not find in the world, which offends people own and someone else’s different words. "
Man: "What’s he wove! At What does the Belarus? All claim to it, to how it behaves: knocks people put on a day for years. The thing that is wrong and incorrect. And no need to make excuses, only behave worth, respect the people who have chosen you. All sanctions and claims only for you. "
Anastas Semenovich: "Comrade superior Belarus, you state that people from the opposition no one will elect to the House. I am with you a thousand percent agree that no one will elect. Campers very well pronounced and you realized that the electoral law will not be to change. For this you need to change only one item all commissions should consist of 50% of members of the opposition and 50% — of the administration. Then you summarize and campers will be devilish. Such a result you are not fully satisfied. Opposition need to go to the polls and at the end election race remove their own candidates. Whereupon see the world that falsification full, and no one talk about the elections will not. "
Now we got a call:
"Another comment asking" Freedom "to" businessmen "for May 13 that Patrushev graduated KGB in Minsk."
On the official website of the Federal Security Service says that the last manager of this special service, Nikolai Patrushev, studied at higher rates KGB. But in the official biography is not written in any particular school. For comment, we turned to the former school teacher Minsk KGB Misha Pastukhova:
"I know exactly what courses Ming graduated Ural Latypov. And about Patrushev can not say exactly. He was then not well known because there is no conviction. "
Comment retired KGB lieutenant colonel Valery Kostka:
"Minsk school was one of the best schools of the KGB. Because there are many who could learn."
May 16 tribunal old Roads punished 15 days of arrest Victor Hursika. Sovereign Hursik — created by the book "Blood and ashes Drazhna." In This year April 19 in the village Drazhna established cross in memory of 25 Belarusians murdered Russian partisans. Soon cross disappeared unclear where. Now we got a call:
Tatiana Barrel, Ossipovichi: "Good evening. I resent condemnation for 15 days Victor Hursika for establishing cross partisan victims in the village Drazhna. And when we will be assessed as crimes atrocities? Gets the impression that we are pushing the idea that crosses in Kurapaty can be removed. Then, too, struggled with the "enemies of the people".

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