Lukashenko did not wish to create in Bucharest

Belarusian Foreign Ministry reports that NATO endorsed the decision to limit the level of the role of the Belarusian side in tomorrow’s summit, Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council and inform the official Minsk. Belarusian Foreign Ministry called the decision "unacceptable" and contrary to the approved 1997 Basic document-Atlantic Partnership Council. "In this regard, the Republic of Belarus of judgments fundamentally obliged to abandon the role of the Bucharest summit, " — Belarusian Foreign Ministry said.
Meeting to be held in Bucharest at the level of Heads of State or Government of the Atlantic Partnership Council in the form of a working lunch. Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council — an advisory body on security matters in the region.
Belarusian MFA demarche reason that at a meeting in Bucharest do not wish to build Alexander Lukashenko.
At tomorrow’s summit, Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council in Bucharest Lukashenko did not really expect, confirmed "Radio Liberty" deputy spokesman for NATO Robert Pshchel:
"I do not need any evidence, it is absolutely no secret that NATO has no intention to invite to the summit of Alexander Lukashenko at the failure to democratic standards in Belarus."
"We are conducting a policy of restricting meetings and consultations with Belarus at the highest level. In this particular case, it was decided Belarus be able to participate in this working lunch at ambassadorial level, "added Robert Pshchel.
Deputy Chairman of the BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka considers NATO’s decision to reduce the level of Belarusian Consulate in Bucharest logical, appropriate Euro-Atlantic policy on Belarus:
"This, of course, it’s completely natural, not Lukashenko must roads on all democratic ground. There is here, unfortunately, is only one exception — the United Nations. "
Vintsuk Vyachorka recalls that not so long ago came to Belarus NATO experts, who figured out the overall situation and the willingness of the official Minsk to cooperate with NATO. Vintsuk Vyachorka met with them and stated that since the Belarusian army is not in any way affiliated repressive machine, NATO must maintain contact with him. But as soon as the situation has changed:
"Recent activities related to the implementation of repressive army mechanism — it Zhaleznichenka danger to the army to take those Young people, which illegally excluded from the institutions — they demonstrate that, unfortunately, at the moment the Ministry of Defence has succumbed to this pressure from the management of the country, departed from the principle of non-interference in the army repressive policies. And then NATO should draw their own conclusions. And This is the meaninge lowering consulate looks reasonable. "

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