Lukashenko: Obama — 100%, as Lukashenko

We offer to you a piece of paper Elana Kalisana "Belarusian president seeks to position Russian missiles", which is written in the current issue of the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal.
"The President Alexander Lukashenko talks with Moscow about placing missiles in Belarus improved "Iskander", which could hit targets deep in areas of Europe.
These negotiations increase rate in the game around the U.S. missile defense plans in Europe. They also overshadow Western hopes of warming relations with Belarus, which, as some trusts in the United States and Europe, could serve as a counterweight to the growing hostility to the Kremlin.
In his interview with The Wall Street Journal, the Lukashenko said about his desire to build closer ties with the West, but said that he supported Russia in 2-hot issues that swayed against [the Russian Federation with the West] — in the conflict in Georgia and the disputed U.S. plans to deploy in Europe antyraketnyh systems for possible danger of confrontation with Iran.
In response to this, he "fully supports" the Russian Federation plans to position missiles in the Kaliningrad region, "Iskander", which will focus on objects from the American system. Kaliningrad region borders with NATO krainamivdelnitsami Poland and Lithuania, and missiles could reach out South American facilities in Poland.
G. Lukashenko said, Our homeland that also offered to arrange missile "Iskander" in Belarus itself. And if an agreement on this issue is not reached, Belarus could arrange these missiles itself.
"Even if Our homeland will not offer us these promising missiles, we will buy them yourself "- said Lukashenko city, noting that the development of optics and fire control system for the" Iskander "developed in Belarus. -" Now we do not have money, but in our plans comes — I’m here for you to reveal the secret — get a gun. "
For disk imaging analysts still far not clear that Russian missiles have really come in handy in Belarus. The Kremlin has expressed readiness to abandon plans for Kaliningrad if Washington refuses to organize its own missile defense system. Missile ambitions of Lukashenko could be a map in the game maneuvering between Russia and the West … "

"In his interview, the hour and a half Lukashenko said about his own intrigued presidential elections in the United States on its own sobering look at and love of hockey.
Like other post-Soviet favorite, he did not succumb to pressure from Moscow and the Kremlin did not support the recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. While only countries that recognized them remain Our homeland and Nicaragua.
But the emperor. Lukashenko gave to realize that soon he may this issue inclined towards Moscow, and repeated the Russian argument that the path to independence of Georgian separatist regions paved the West by recognizing the independence of Kosovo.
"I do not see any problems — there is a precedent," — he said. — "Europe and America understand our position and our situation. And I’ll be honest: they are no longer putting pressure on us so much as before …"

"He referred to U.S. President-elect Barack Obama" young handsome man ", which is expected to languid tests, but that was the right choice for America’s deepening financial crisis criteria.
"I feel sorry for him — he looks 100 percent like Lukashenko, when I came to power after the collapse of Russian Union"- Said of Lukashenko. — "The shelves in the stores were empty — the deepest monetary crisis."
G. Lukashenko said that hopes for a more closely deal with the U.S. under President Obama. Together with the fact He said that he was surprised by the decision of the European Union and the United States to lift the sanctions against some bureaucrat in his response to the release of political prisoners.
He said that and so was going to release Alexander Kozulin and his hopes for it is no merit from the West.
G. Lukashenko laughed epithet "last Teran Europe", which, him, invented Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who, as he said, "does not know where Belarus."

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