Lukashenko reacted to the statements of his opponents

Lukashenko said yesterday: "If the situation is such, as at the moment, and to me personally, and in the country, then I’m obviously going to run again. If the situation with me and the state change, then the solution may be different. While I was a healthy person, people not so very critical of me, and the West realizes. It can be. expect the worst. "
Commented Chairman of the Joint civilian party Anatoly Lebedko

"It’s not news not only for those people, who are engaged in politics, and for the average citizen of Belarus. After Lukashenko went to the configuration of the Constitution, while unacceptable ways, become completely clear that the Belarusian leader is sick power. And he did not let go of their own hands, while there will be a pulse beat. While Lukashenko will sit on the throne, he will remain in power lust. But it fits the Asian approach to such authorities for Belarus? On the physical level it can be, but it is not accepted by society. "
Lukashenko said yesterday: "Let sorted out first with their prisoners, prisoners in Guantanamo, Afghanistan, etc. On the other hand, we would not want that because 6 people Machala whole country. I, I personally made the decision — release. Five agreed 2nd refused. Not so long ago, he said that the more he will sit in the bullpen, the higher its ranking. It’s his choice. I his ears will not pull out. We have this day There are no political prisoners. "
Commented daughter of political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin Julia:

Yulia Kazulina
"Such statements about rating my father did. Our so-called president likes to invent a lot of things. And not every word has a bit of heresy. For me, nothing new recognition Lukashenko that he personally, and not the courts to make decisions about the release of all political prisoners. In our country all the way done. All solutions perceives Lukashenko. Is when my father was sentenced to 5.5 years bullpen, perceived Tribunal decision? .. Of course, my father quickly hunt go free, but at the same time, he firmly and decisively sure he will not amnesty. Maybe amnesty, mitigation criterion punishment. But we realize that this decision will also take Lukashenko. My father — a man fundamentally, it does not and will not leave povinet amnesty acquired from the hands of A . Lukashenko. "
Lukashenko said yesterday: "If the opposition is now rated at an arithmetic error, whether they appear in the parliament? Our opposition instead of having to work with people, rides in the United States, England and Germany, and requests the funds there. Who do they work? Our opposition must now work with our citizens, to ask them to support, not to ask for a couple of quid in England. opposition is corrupt. "
Commented Chairman of the Joint civilian party Anatoly Lebedko:
"To find out whether the people we need to do only one step — to allow the electoral commissions at all levels of the representatives of the united democratic forces. Let them have the opportunity to count the votes during the election campaign in September this year. About trips to Europe — here it probably says unblemished envy. As for corruption, we hear it 14 years. But why go too far, let’s go to the "Royal Village" To Drozdov and let’s see how many mansions 500-700 thousand dollars the price of the representatives of the united democratic forces, and how — in the near environment Lukashenko. Or let’s analyze who is currently populated in the new districts? There funds from agricultural towns and arenas. What raskradayutstsa and later go to the well-being of a very narrow group of people. Lukashenko knows about it. I do not know any representative of the United Democratic Forces, which lured for corruption. Lured them accountable for what they went out to the streets, involved in unauthorized political activities. "
Lukashenko said yesterday: "If the EU should — join the U.S. sanctions. But do not forget that through Belarus is half oil, half of the oil and 30 percent gas. If Europe does not need Russia, it will be necessary to someone else."
Commented economist Leonid Zlotnikov:

"In fact, there is a mutual dependence between Belarus and Europe. And it allows Lukashenko to use it. Believe that is an insult to Europe. Europeans are not used, so they were taken in the larynx. Certainly, European countries will come to a conclusion about the coming a day or Belarus. And Our homeland and Europe, I believe, will take positive steps to change the political regime there. "
Lukashenko said yesterday: "We have almost doubled the level of Russian eclipsed times in the economy. We upgraded our main economy. Regarding inflation, thanks to the West and the buck, they help us in this. This inflation from you to us."
Commented the ex-chairman of the National Bank of Belarus Stanislav Bogdanovich:

"Lukashenko, as usual, everything multiplies. According production in quantities of Belarus has not also achieved the level that was in 1990. We all positions decrease, not counting the processing and marketing of petroleum products, potash. Some growth is, but this growth is a price and it is connected with the fact Our homeland that cheaper supplies huge quantities of crude oil. As for inflation in Belarus, its main reason is due to the growth of money supply every year by 30-40 percent, despite the fact that production grows by 8-10 percent. So Makarov, 4 times the mass of currency grows faster. And it affects the growth of prices. Goes the economy from overheating. So that inflation has internal conditions. Loans to grow faster than the creation. In the end, is an indicator of imports, which in the past year in commodity weight exceeded exports by 4.2 billion dollars, not counting the fact was the growth of external debt almost doubled, doubled external bank loans. So we do not live makarom income, and ‘extra’ money to stimulate the growth of prices. "

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