Lukashenko remembers what ends publicity for the CPSU

By international organization "Reporters without Borders", Belarus ranks 154th in the world, to freedom of the media. How to apply to such ranking journalists and politicians in Belarus itself?
Researchers "Reporters without Borders" felt that over the past year of media freedom in Belarus has become less and downgraded the country from 151 to 154 seats. Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ) Alexander Starikevich agrees with the conclusions of foreign professionals:

Alexander Starikevich"Yes, the situation with non-state media for soon worsened. Though you can not read it because of course, because more stringent measures were prepared quite a long time. Mean that the state newspapers thrown out of printing, roll out "Belposhta" of distribution and so on. Even when under Tipo likely return in the liberalization of the newspaper kiosks and subscription, will a non-government press is not soon, because it is currently finished to a very languid state. "
More massive non socio-political publications Belarus — such as the "People’s Will" "Nasha Niva"- For a couple of years are required to be printed and distributed abroad on their own." Reporters Without Borders "note that as long the problem is not solved electric media freedom in Belarus. Starikevich Alexander believes that today’s authorities on this will never go.
"Of course, the nature of this power does not change, they do not tend to compromise, to dialogue, not to mention concessions. This all games designed for the West. Essentially there is not provided any rearrangements publicity. Lukashenko really remembers what it completed for the Communists. "

Alexander SviridMember of the media disk imaging House of Representatives of the National Assembly Alexander Svirid so commented conclusions "Reporters without Borders" regarding media freedom in Belarus:
"Do not divide such assessment. 151 When was the place, it does not correspond to reality. A even more so at the moment when, as it was on the 154-m. To put it mildly, this is not quite correct. In my opinion, the media operate within the adopted law. All, and municipal and state, shall convey their views on various dilemmas. "
Whether there is, in the views of the deputy, the problem of inequality criterion for municipal and private media? Responding to this question, Deputy Alexander Svirid limited wish:
"I do not mean the" People’s Will "or even the edition. I just for the fact that all the editions have equal ability to reach people. "

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