Lukashenko will not isolate Belarusians from Europe

Lithuanian politician who in 1992 represented Lithuania in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Emmanuel Zingeris, commenting on "Freedom" report Pourgourides politically targeted criminal casesah in Belarus, said that given the facts they have become "classics atrocities Lukashenko’s regime."
"If the regime in Minsk thinks that all this will be forgotten because of economic or other benefits EU countries may have on relations with Belarus, he is deeply mistaken, since no matter Kozulin nor affairs of other political prisoners in any way will not be forgotten. They are on the tables not only European politicians, and public organizations, which a thousand. "
One of the influential human rights organizations of the continent — Council of Europe, and then there turning to the dilemmas of Belarus shows that in Europe want Belarusian people democracy and prosperity, says Zingeris:
"In Europe there is total compassion Belarusian intellectuals and all the democratic movement."
Lithuanian politician said that on April 8, he participated in the first hearing in the case of crimes of totalitarian regimes, organized by the European Commission. In these hearings attended by more than 100 professionals, and among other frequently mentioned and the regime of Alexander Lukashenko.
"Belarus government opponents disappear, people cleared the horror of repression. But at the moment in an era of new technologies and communications Lukashenko will not isolate a highly Belarusian people from the euro world."

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