Lyavinau human rights activist arrested and fined

The judgment voiced referee Valentin Kismyaroshkina railway district court. It recognized representative of the BHC in Vitebsk region Pavel Levinov guilty in a small hooliganism — neprelichnoy language in the address police officers, as disobeying their requirements.
Paul Lyavinau arrested for 10 days — on charges of hooliganism small, and fined 20 basic units, or 700 thousand rubles, — for disobeying police during his arrest near the apartment-independent journalist Vadim Borshevsky. The human rights activist was there to provide legal assistance during the search on March 27.
Case Paul Lyavinau already considered the second time: the first trial, which began March 28, ended April 23 decision of the judge Lena Beetle. It agreed with the human rights activist, police reports that police department employees Pershamajski made with factual errors.
Composed anew May 22 protocols were transferred arbitrator Kismyaroshkinay Valentina, who is now recognized human rights activist criminal. With this charge he strongly disagrees and is going to write an appeal. In character protest unfair, in his opinion, accusations by the police before he went on hunger strike, which lasted from March 27 to April 10, and the tribunal came to a T-shirt with the inscription "neprelichnoy not express."

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