M.Krivaltsevich: Determine the names of victims in Kurapaty

June 3 will celebrate 20 years as a newspaper "Literature and Art" published an article Poznyak and Eugene Shmygaleva "Kurapaty. Road perdition." After the publication in Belarus and the world became known the truth about the place near Minsk, where in 1937-1941 punishers NKVD shot on various counts from 40 to 300 thousand people. Then Municipal Commission was created to investigate and began excavations have confirmed Zenon Pozniak and written by Eugene Shmygaleva.

Hanna Sous: "Tsar Nicholas, let us remember for 20-year-old. Recollection What made you and that eminent article Pozniak and Shmygaleva in" Lima "?

Nicholas Kryvaltsevich
Nicholas Kryvaltsevich"Remembering, of course, was very sensual. And the principle that the publication of this article gave realize that revealed one of the greatest mysteries. Became clear that this is one of the modern era began for Belarus. I knew little about what Kurapaty There are places of mass executions. But, of course, the very fact that the article had a tremendous value for the awakening of the public. "
Sous"You yourself were asked to participate in the excavation or you were appointed?"
Kryvaltsevich"Everything came out once the case. But there is always a chance as a definite pattern. I returned from another expedition to the corridor and the Institute met Poznyak. He invited me to participate in the studies, which were initiated at the end of June 1988."
Sous: "It was scary at the dig? Either archaeologists psychologically prepared for what may find human remains?"

By this you can not get used to the exhumation of graves 30s

Kryvaltsevich"By this psychologically impossible to prepare. In life I also do not have to create and participate in such works. Excavations of old graves — it’s a little more work.
By this you can not get used to the exhumation of graves 30s, not even the graves and burials, where people are shot. But the need for this work, awareness of its importance and later focus on what needs to get as many disk imaging, and a great burden of responsibility — he, of course, in some degree dulls the perception of the disaster itself. "

These excavations lasted only 10 days. It is not very much for such works. Such exhumation should continue for months or even years

Sous: "How continued excavations? Either maintain secrecy? Who else apart from you participated in excavations in Kurapaty?"
Kryvaltsevich: "Secrecy could no longer be, as people expect this action. Official orders passed on the development of this commission, and because of privacy here and could not read already. These excavations certainly participated Zenon Pozniak, we dug together. Oleg And Job, he then was still a graduate student at the Institute of History. These excavations lasted only 10 days. This is not a lot for such works. Such exhumation should continue for months and even years. Because the work was very difficult. Those 10 days have been instituted, it is not something that is not much, it’s not fucking enough. "

Sous"And where are the remains of people and real confirmation, discovered during excavations in Kurapaty?"
Kryvaltsevich: "During excavations revised, of course, all the stuff and all the things, all kastsevy material in order to make a proper conclusion. Most items remains perazahovvalasya back into the pits and falls asleep, some were taken on a variety of expertise. Examining spetsy prosecutors . We were already excommunicated from subsequent research specifically material. And it’s hard to say what was later to these remains of the Prosecution Service. It would be worthwhile to ask there, what happened with the remains. "
Sous"Do you think they need to give subsequent excavations in Kurapaty? Likelihood of identifying victims? After all, as I know, as a result of excavations were mentioned only two names of the victims."

Certainly, the most usual method would be to view and study archives associated with executions in Kurapaty

Kryvaltsevich: "With a very organized and focused exhumation could be called a lot of names. Things should be. That would allow people to name names. Problem — the difficulty of identification. Certainly, the most usual method was to review and study of archives related shootings in Kurapaty.
As you know, the KGB archives are closed to researchers. Exhumation may be forthcoming only to identify the names of people as possible disclosure of the full list of people who have been shot there.
Just for the sake of this, since the essence of the case — that it was the NKVD executions in the 1930s, before the war — will not change. Completely understandable. And other material that would indicate something else, not in Kurapaty.

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