M.Pashkevich: Just so we do not justify

In Minsk Central District Court concluded the second day of the court session on the criminal case against the youth activists of the democratic movement. Judged 9 activists who accuse of involvement in the mess, allegedly took place during the campaign business on January 10. Another, Andrew Kim, during the process was in the box. His blame and in danger of a policeman during a crackdown campaign on January 21.
SousMisha, good evening! How did you feel, sitting on the dock?

when I look at Andrew, I realize that I was lucky, at least, in the last three months

Paszkiewicz: In fact, first, that I felt — that’s a relief. Since when I saw a friend of Andrei Kim own in the box, then still realized that I still was lucky that all this time that I investigated, I’m free. In other words, I am also at liberty, and believe me, it is worth it to be on it. And when I look at Andrew, I realize that I was lucky, at least, in the last three months. This is, perhaps, most importantly, I felt that since we were sitting the whole process opposite to each other.
Sous: What for you reprimanded in court?
Paszkiewicz: In fact, there were some moments in which, based on the belief the judge could make comments. In this case, it was an expression of a policeman about the fact that in the hands of Andrei Kim was a gramophone, while it has been said so seriously, without any caramel jokes that in fact I and all the other laughed. Since even the confusion in the definitions used by our police — what to say about it? Sense of humor, jokes — is the last thing we have left, because it would be surprising if we did not laugh with this.
That’s what we got warning because the referee believes that if there is a meeting, the laughter in the audience is not the place. It says — this is not a circus, it’s not a farce … If we laugh with the word "gramophone", she probably felt that we are putting into it swings its outlook.
Sous: Your ancestors were now in court?
PaszkiewiczNo. I was against it, that they were present.

I do not really wish that my parents really adtaptali legs or just rude so called officers

Paszkiewicz: I’m not the first time already present on such vessels, and I see how brazenly behave police or civilian, or form. I do not really wish that my parents really adtaptali legs or just rude so called officers. The last thing I wish they would just have seen it even rudeness. I beheld, as a mom Andrei Kim Does not morally Machala from the 1st such OMON … And the last thing I wish that they, too, were in her place … Better that they are sitting and heed these announcements on Radio Liberty. But I’d feel better — at least, no policeman will not touch them.
Sous: We were discussing with you immediately after the end of a day or the first trial, and you compare today’s courts in Belarus with the courts in the Russian dissidents over time. How are they similar? And what is the difference?
Paszkiewicz: Similar to what we have come to support one and the same company. This is the same well-known human rights defenders in the country, favorite political parties, movements and organizations — a limited number of activists.
Few years ago, I loved to read books and watch movies about Russian dissidents, and there is often used a time when in the hall on the course attended by foreign ambassadors, journalists and dissidents is unleashed spetsefichesky manner hands — in an environment they can make some statements Russian relatively undemocratic regime behaves because they thought it necessary.

Earlier we met on the court in Dashkevich Finkievich — and now I came out of the court building and saw them both

The same thing at the moment — and the most fierce that judged "in a circle." Earlier we met on the court in Dashkevich Finkievich — and now I came out of the court building and saw both of them — they were holding portraits of the Young, who also tested the case …
At one time, the Russian Union was such a term as "samizdat". Some wags absmeyvali him himself wrote, he gave himself read. Same thing at the moment there is — there is such a crisis of genre. We do share themselves for their suffering and themselves go to their events …
Sous: And tell yourself later on the air of "Freedom."
PaszkiewiczYes, unfortunately, is the situation.

SousHow you been sudden, that you will be judged in a criminal case?
PaszkiewiczI can not say that for me it was sudden, as all the same since 1999, I constantly look for events in the country, I know how fabrykuyutstsa case — I would be very surprised if I did not get as a business.
Moreover, if we were departing in January administrative arrest for action in time march businessmen, we also closely watching the press, and read the role of compaction conference Interior Minister Naumov, beheld his statements, and when he said that it takes under its own control , we realized that something really is. And more than that, when the subsequent day after the administrative courts have started to call as witnesses the investigation, we realized that something will.
At the same time, the world was sitting in the chamber Shumchanka Anatoly, who at one time in 2005 already was sitting on Volodarka entrepreneurial movement for the company, and he also stated that it is possible that there will be prosecuted. And the fact that we were summoned to the Investigation Department did initially suspected, and later accused, it was not a surprise for me — I’ve been to this already mentally prepared.
Sous: How do you think, what will be the verdict?

As for us — I hope the fines on a more Myagenkaya sentence

PaszkiewiczI agree with Nikolai Statkevich that more than all of us suffers Andrei Kim. He is in jail, and he has two articles — he really became a living hostage regime. After all, if we are currently under house arrest, in the case of Andrew nor his power does not justify, because if she would acquit him, she would have to pay him a real and moral damages, and more than that, to recognize that it was localization of the main activist … So Andrew really became a hostage.
As for us — I hope the fines on a more Myagenkaya sentence. Since I do not think that we are acquitted. So, we have been intensively involved in this event — no one hears the phrase "Supreme Tribunal, forgive me, I admit my guilt, I’m not right." Itself will not. Accordingly, there will be and more than Myagenkaya sentences. Although there is a fairly wide paper, and chemistry and can anyone get. Just so no one will justify us.
Sous: Now the court action of solidarity with the accused. How do you support in principle comrades, and all of those who care?
Paszkiewicz: In fact, principled support. Another thing that I did not want to, so at the same time, when I get out of the court building, I learned that someone was taken to Akrestsin. 1st my old friend from Birch detained about the structure of the KGB, and abshmanali just launched, was not even allowed close to the court.
Solidarity first state indicates that its actions will not pass unpunished. Solidarity and gives us moral strength, moral core. Since when you know that there are a few walls for 10 s companions are morally with you, it is all fun. Moreover, the action of solidarity — this media attention and media attention — are respectively the public and abroad, as it is and the attention to our state, and, accordingly, Lukashenko has an obligation to act at least for the kind of humane and legitimate.
Misha Pashkevich Born in 1986 in Russia, and later l
ived in Brest Bereza. In ’13 forged the signature of the parents on the declaration of consent, that the offspring of a member of the "Young Front" and together with the friends began to work actively in Bereza. Later the company was "Choose" in the election of 2001. Joined the history faculty of BSU, where he was expelled after the elections of 2006. From 2006, the youth organization of the Joint civilian party.

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