Magnificent Katkovsky

With the word memory — Director Alexander Lukashuk Belorussian service.
Uladike Katkovskaya as anyone approached the word "first" or "most".
He was the youngest employee Belarusian Freedom — the first and most webmasters who took the radio to work specifically in this role.
To settle in the editorial work only journalists — he became the first purely online staff.
Freedom got back in 2004, unique webmaster. He first took up the Google search engine byelorussization, first, in addition to the highest awards of the Belarusian Internet community captured noble state order from Wikipedia. Vladik was at the forefront of the web and stuff the Belarusian leadership website Belarusian Freedom middle of 2-10’s editions.
I occasionally obliged palagozhvats conflicts, as its requirements and projects are often ahead of the ability of our technical department, but he was right and such makarom forcing all of us to move forward.
After posting a thousand remained to settle on the Web — in Belarusian and in English. He developed the website "Martyrology" will soon reappear on the network.
On this week we asked parents to become public Vladi editors of Liberty. Ira and Leonid Katkovskaya gave reporters task — to study the topic, can connect Web Belarusian civilization.
Vlad knew the answer to this question.
On Sunday, May 25, at 12:00 at the cemetery Petrovshchina (rn Dzerzhinsky Avenue), and a 12-hour meeting will be held on the anniversary of care to settle.
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