Map Pole — a threat to the Belarusian identity

On these questions responsible philosopher Valentin kurturolyag Akudovich.
Tsigankov: "Some they say that" the map of the Pole "- is a common phenomenon of state support, in this case, Poland’s own ethnic compatriots abroad? Others argue that this practice is not consistent with modern European principles natsyyatvarennya How do you feel about the map of the Pole?"

I occasionally divide representation of our government. But here I am with them salidaryzuyusya

Akudovich: "With regard to the country’s most attention to their compatriots abroad, I am, of course, positive. And I can only regret that the Belarusian government is not very worried about the ethnic Belarusians scattered Worldwide.
But similar rating is always in practice depending on their purposes and forms with respect to a particular situation. I can only welcome the fact that some part of the Belarusians will be able to facilitate the departure to Poland and some other amenities. But coupled with the fact I can not create a certain risk for the formation of the Belarusian identity. Indeed, through the "Pole’s Card" these people is not suspended and will actually fully associate themselves with Poland and those adstaranyatstsa from Belarus.
And frankly, they believe, and it may be 250 thousand, it is largely complicate the process of formation of the Belarusian civilization. Naturally, I do not wish to exaggerate the danger of "nationalization" of Belarus, but do not share the imagination of those who does not see any problem in this. "
Tsigankov: "Can you say that you are in some sense share the arguments of the official Belarusian side? Either you believe that Pole’s Card may carry some risk of national unity Nation?"
Akudovich: "I’m pretty occasionally divide representation of our government. But there is just one of those rare occasions when I have them in a certain degree salidaryzuyusya

Approaches "Polish Card" were formed in a different era

By the way, in Lithuania (where state identity is much more powerful), this problem looks even more harsh and I understand their concern.
Now Europe is becoming abyadanay geopolitical place, and approaches to their compatriots outside the EU constructive change. Approaches "Polish Card" were formed in a different era, when countries were locked inside.
I do not know what steps should do the Belarusian authorities, that they were democratic and civilized, and coupled with the fact minimized this dilemma. But the fact that the Belarusian government must continue to carefully scrutinize and review the process for me to say. "

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