Mass-independent searches of journalists

Gave their assent to the Minsk City Prosecutor’s Office, citing the need for investigation in a criminal case for the insinuation Alexander Lukashenko. The case was initiated upon distribution in the web toons political content.
Computers and all the equipment for the recording, which was taken during the search of the KGB, in a building with prosecutors.
At half past nine in the morning started a search in the office "Radio Radio Station." KGB presented to one of the prosecutor’s sanction radio correspondents Haretski. He commanded turn off your mobile phone. How to search over, Haretski said "Freedom":
"Four computer, a laptop, and a few tape recorders, sound recording equipment … It’s all been described and removed from our study, coupled with Julia Kotskaya, they will be questioned as a witness. "
Recall: August 16, 2005 Minsk prosecutor’s office instituted criminal proceedings for contempt of Alexander Lukashenko. The grounds were cartoons political content posted on the website of the initiative "third way." In Andrew Obozova, Pavel Morozov in Minsk and Oleg Minich Grodno KGB officers searched, confiscated all computers and media of information. All persons involved in the case have gone abroad.
Pavel Morozov is located in Tallinn. He expressed his idea:
"Is there a distribution list" clean up "or intimidate Internet activists. This is not the first case when our business use. A few years back the several youth activists summoned and interrogated. I do not know why exactly cartoons. But it seems to me that this thing is more or less applicable in order to carry out all these intimidation. "
In the room where there were specialists "Euro Radio for Belarus", also raided. KGB confiscated all computers and devices for recording. Radio cabinet is in Poland. Director Dmitry Novikov said "Freedom":
"Experts" ERB ", who were in the office of one of Minsk companies that do not get in touch. 9 am we could not talk to them. Versions of their own yet. "
The searches took place and the apartments of some journalists. Notwithstanding the fact that Eduard Melnikov was abroad, searched his apartment in Minsk was also held. According to investigators, Eduard Melnikov — TV employee "Belsat", and in respect of its correspondents, the criminal procedure. Says Editor in Chief Editorial information of "Belsat" Alexei Dzikavitski:
"This shows that the Belarusian authorities think were angered by the fact that we, as one of the channels in Europe showed pictures from the days of Will. Later, these images showed other channels in the world. Belarusian authorities have responded to such makarom our work. "
Search warrant gave the deputy prosecutor of Minsk Alexei Stuk. He explained to "Freedom":
"Searches are naturally sanctioned. Cartoons? Just have data in a criminal case on the availability of all these people all over the country … They are related to this. Before the creation and support relationship with this channel, with the creators of this channel. Cause and searches are made. "
Correspondent"A system, which took?"
Knock"We will understand.’ll Take care of. Criminal case that it is still possible to add? Accepted legitimate decision to conduct these activities."
More than 10 ka computers that took during searches activists of the unregistered organization "third way" for another three years back, until now have not been returned to owners. Observers believe that the technique, which was taken during a search of journalists, can also remain in the prosecutor’s office for an indefinite period. Tags: media, Belsat, radio, search, radio, ERB KGB

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