Maxim Zhbankova film festival

Browse our cinematic achievements should begin with the undisputed positive — tape Wes Anderson’s "Train to Darzhyling. Desperate travelers."
Directed by South American heroes — most likely — the British, the scenery and the train — Indian. Three brothers go in search of my mother, that once went to the East. And throughout his own madcap journey not stop showdown between themselves, their parents and a fabulous state of India. Does not sound very inspiring, but look at this chaos is very curious. Since andersanavskiya brothers — it just three musketeers, three angels and the three clowns. Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman.
Anderson film — the best refutation of the famous Kipling thesis that East is East, and West is West, and together they will never be. Here for you the West in the East! And east to west! Troika elegant wretches opens the gates of the subconscious no worse than the old "Beatles", which time, incidentally, also traveled to India. "Train to Darjeeling" combines traditional road-movie, part-time students glitches travelers and restrained lyricism Jim Jarmusch. In practice, this color medytatsyya about endless summer, a dark beauties and a stubborn refusal to grow up.
The main negative of the week — "Jumper", fastfood screen from director Doug Liman. It seems that the creator of films about Jason Bourne and indescribable love Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and decided to rest in an easy to make money. That came Lyman light — the story of a little boy komiksovoy, who lives on the principle of "Just been — and suddenly disappeared."
Story worthy of a half-hour television series cheapest kind of rest, stretched at full length. And where there is nothing to read heroes, computer start racing through space and time. Practically this is another maple "The Matrix", only one hundred percent deprived mental foundation. And this does not even come to the rescue longish coats and pretty girls.
And now — my personal choice this week. The old criminal cinema 60s. "Predators" director Rene Kleman. Good incarnation traditional formula of success: screenplay by Dai bestseller Keane, luxurious black and white picture, Jane Fonda, Alain Delon and luxurious jazz soundtrack incomparable Rubin Shifrin.
"Predator" look incredibly curious. Especially after the latest computer blekbastarav. Minimum artificial effects! There is simply noteworthy customs in spectacular situations. And kinavoka, so for them to follow. Just? So, it is very simple. But try again!

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