Maxim Zhbankova film festival

Hollywood director and writer of Hungarian origin in time wrote scripts for the adventurous young Indiana Jones. And at the moment — in the fourth times — turned to the famous master of horror books by Stephen King. Were previously "Lady in the room", "greenish Mile" and "Shawshank Shavshenk bullpen." But now the time has come "Darkness". As usual with King, it all starts very simply: a small town comes from the lake of weird darkness. Inhabitants in despair, because there are zealous military tanks on the streets there. And then there is only darkness. And strshnye creatures crawl out of it.
Typical situation: a bunch of people in a closed supermarketse and there, behind the glass, on the foggy streets, wandering death. Movies Darabont — literary in the best sense. In other words, a filmmaker who works in exactly the text and walks straight for the plot, not razmenvayuchysya on cheap things like rubber monsters. The exciting thing about it is working. Grim fury that slowly grabs ordinary inhabitants of a small town, more impressive pieces any computer. King and Darabont justify imposing an old truth: the scariest creature of the planet — it’s people. Darkness out. Twilight heart remains.
The main negative of the week — Hollywood thriller "We Own the Night". Director and screenwriter James Gray was able to build a strong team of actors — Robert Duvall, Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Uolberg. But used them as puppets, which is within the story about a cheap 2-brothers — a policeman and adventurer. And all around them — the Russian mafia and bags of drugs.
Director Gray apparently tried to make a police drama in the best traditions. Yet, action failed. After all, there is no mental conflict, the development of morals — too. Even famous Hollywood action — with car chases and fast shooting — see here timidly and uncertainly. Better look for something else.
And now — my personal choice this week. Completely frivolous movies with funny title "Alvin and the Chipmunks". A touching story about malehankih shaggy singers. The first time a cartoon chipmunks singing in the distant 50s. A presently just it’s the last generation of consumers of animal pop.
Naturally, this is not a masterpiece of spirituality. But everything looks funny and cute. And between chores ignorant of the principles of criminal showbiz. Best option: curious, funny and very mentor. Tags: review, Zhbankov, movies

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