May 1: arrested for EU flags

17:00Of police Pershamajski district fired about 20 people. In the first phase of their photographed on the card index, and later removed adbyitki fingers. There were several people police — Statkevich, Artur Finkevich Dashkevich, Dmitri Fedoruk, Paul Yukhnevich Eugene Afnahel.
The commandos began to push people away from the building in the district police Pershamajski adjacent neighborhood.
Nikolai Statkevich withkladayuts protocol for role in an unauthorized mass event. Several youth activists were taken to different rooms to make their protocols.
14:35 Police detained four more people: Olga Zhuravlev, Paul Kuryanovich and 2-young people, whose names are unknown. In the structure of the police Pershamajski district youth activists chanted "Freedom", holding portraits of Dmitry Dashkevich and Artur Finkevich. Only in office is About 30 people.

14:30 Youth activists gathered outside the police building Pershamajski district demanding the release of detainees. Policemen snatched from the crowd Anastasia Palazhanka. Now she made up a list of detainees.
13:35 Detained Nikolai Statkevich said that the police department Pershamajski district are 24 people.
13:30 Not intoxicated Members of the official prazdnichka May 1, which extends from the structure of public libraries, police withdrawn in vytsvyareznik.
13:20 Police commandos arrested and taken to the police department’s press secretary Pervomajskij "Young Front" Tatiana Shaputska and her friend Julia Mikhailov.
13:00 In Minsk in the park of Friendship of Peoples held a celebration of days Workers. Campaign organized Communist Party of Belarus, joined by activists-independent unions. The event was held under the motto "Worker — a decent wage! " "Yes — work, no — the impoverishment of the people!" In Maevka uchavstvujut More than 200 people. After little speeches favorites Party people heed musicians playing chess tournament, lifting weights and pull the rope. Presentation of his own newspaper journalists spend party newspaper "Comrade." Participants may feast takes care of one police car.
12:40 1st of the favorites of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich activist "Jeans for Freedom" by Evgeny Afnagel and M.Statkevich detained at the time when they raised the flag of the European Union on the official event to celebrate May 1. The celebration takes place at the State Library building.
Later riot police also detained activists of "Young Front" Dmitry Fedoruk, Arthur Finkievich, Lena Makarevich, Paul Yukhnevich, Ivan Awl, Alexei Yanushevski, Maxima Serhiets, Maxim Dashuk, Denis Borodin.
M.Sergiytsu smashed head. Leading to the paddy A. Finkevich, police handed over the radio that the detained "valuable member".
All were taken to the police department of Minsk Pervomajskij.
12:30 Novopolotsk. Not allowed to picket on May 1. Filed an application to the city council representatives BSDP (Gromada). In a written rejection signed by the chairman of the executive committee of Novopolotsk Natalia Kochanova they were told that of the rally on May 1 in the town there is no place, because in all the parks and all areas will be massive celebrations.
Favourite Novopolotsk Social Democrats Anton Yasinovich Radio Liberty said that this day they meant to draw public attention to quite so solemn. In submitting a picket near the town houses of culture and in the city park, the activists planned to collect signatures against repeal of benefits against the contract system and the simplification of the business.
12:10 Vitebsk. About 30 of representatives of both the communist parties gathered on the 11th morning on Lenin Square.
Chairman of the Vitebsk regional organization PKB Nikolai Selivashko said request for action to the city council they served, but were refused. Prerequisite failure dubbed city bureaucrats that Lenin Square does not go to the list of places designated executive committee for mass actions. Nevertheless did not prevent PKB friends lay flowers at the monument to Lenin after rather short speech in honor of Nicholas Selivashko prazdnichka world proletariat. During the campaign the party members porazdavali several passers-s 10 copies of "Comrade."
12:25 Gomel: City council has not given permission City Committee of Communist Party of Belarus to hold a rally on May 1, on the occasion of the municipal labor prazdnichek. Party Secretary PKB Valery Klimov said party members were intended to show solidarity with workers around the world in the struggle for their rights. The rally was ordered on the ground near the palace Society of the Deaf "Vipra". This place is defined by the city authorities for public events. Executive committee referred to the fact that in order for the rally organizers "did not specify the order of the meeting."
Not having received permission from the home, about 10 ka Gomel representatives went PKB Now rally in Minsk.
12:10 Brest. Chairman of the Brest regional organization of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Igor Maslowski said "Radio Liberty" that the police threatened to finish ceremony Democrats.
"Today, our convoy of more than 50 participants marched from Freedom Square to the park named after May 1. In the park we began handing people officially registered white-red-white (with rose) pins BSDP (Gromada), also greeting cards, agitation and colored balloon inflated. Who’s the rest — welcome and congratulate us. Meanwhile, police cordoned off the column and ordered to finish "campaign propaganda." All more than 20 police officers, "- said the emperor Maslowski.

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