May 30 Parsyukevich sentence may be revised

In the Capital District Court of Minsk said that consideration of the complaint by Sergei Parsiukevich the verdict in the Municipal Court will be held on May 30. Make out a complaint board Minsk City Court. Own guilt prisoner not guilty. He believes that he is being persecuted as the 1st of the favorites entrepreneurial movement. Belarusian human rights activists, the U.S. government is also demanding the release of Sergei Parsyukevich also Alexander Kozulin and Andrew Kim, whom they consider political prisoners.

Pinning hopes that the verdict will be canceled

Lawyer Vera political prisoner Stramkouskaya stated "Freedom":
"We still cherish the hope that the verdict of the district court Sergei Parsyukevich will be canceled. During the process, we have stated many applications and we believe that their city tribunal to consider."
Meanwhile from Sergei Parsyukevich of Zhodino Detention Facility received a letter home, in which a prisoner reports that the conditions of his detention became the worst. Wife of businessman Natalia Parsukevich quotes the letter spouse:
"Upon verification bullpen deputy chief said that we were very many in the chamber — 19 people at 12 locations. And I was transferred to another cell. Here we are 17, but since I came among the latter, then I do not have a bed. At night falls not sleep, can only lie down funny day. But not normally must lie: radio interferes, looping, then check. I still trying to go for a walk, to breathe the freshest air. A NIGHT MODE sitting in the twilight, read: unrealistic, write letters too. some reason and forbid play dominoes. Electrics no tea popesh not, tap water is not. Even tried to go to the toilet less often. Sidi and expect when it comes morning. Faster would be here to go somewhere. "

Since I came among the last, I do not have a bed. At night not have to sleep

How feels Sergei Parsyukevich, which escalated in the bullpen acquired asthma? Houses prisoner wrote that grabbed besides cold. "But his appeal to the prison doctors do not change anything," — says Natalia Parsukevich:
"He writes that the ratio of doctors is also not pleasant. Asked for a simple cold medicines — bear week. Posted second statement of hospitalization — the doctor says that the first statement is not beheld, although he sent it as a tribute."
Earlier, in Minsk remand prison doctors to recommend surgery to remove polyps. But the republican prison hospital orders with remand to the operation does not go forward. Because Sergei Parsyukevich written statement, that it quickly transferred to a colony, although his conviction else deemed not entered into force.
Zhodinskaya bullpen duty number 8, where Sergei Parsyukevich contain so explained to overcrowding in the cells of the detention facility:
"It does not matter to me. This is a question to those who sent us prisoners of the" Queen. "Previously we had no peranaselenastsi. This is a temporary phenomenon, while in Minsk detention is being renovated."
Repair facility in Valadarski Street began in April, after as one of the towers collapsed bullpen.
To the chief and deputy chief of the Department of Execution of Punishment MIA call can not — they do not answer phones.

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