May be excluded from the BPF Mikhalevich?

"How to influence the style of the BPF that fight that goes to the leadership of the Frente? The press has not once sounded information that under the risk expulsion from the party are then Yuri Hubarevich then Mikhalevich — deputy chairman of the party. What impact it has on public the world? "

Chausov: "Naturally, this situation does not assign pluses style BPF. But, on the other hand, social withdrawal from the Party due to his disagreement with the party line demonstrate that at least, the party has some strategic line. In This is the meaninge party itself the right to decide the norms of inner life. "
Tsigankov: "As there is reasonable and fair to the address reproaches Michalevic Gubarevich and that they are involved in the movement" For Freedom "How to be a harsh violation of the party discipline? Is this detention warrant any constructive solutions"
Chausov: "Milinkevich ideological movement" For Freedom "and BNF — it’s actually the same thing. Nonpartisan Those people outside the movement, they are close to the BNF. But there are individual ambitions, which are harmful to the common cause."
Tsigankov: "I understand that many representatives of other democratic parties come in various movements. Maybe management BPF very serious here? Other parties such rigor is not observed .."
Chausov: "In no other party spokesman structures is not so close to, to lead the party. In other words, in this case the situation is paradoxical — force representatives of the movement "For Freedom" forces the other side radykalizavatstsa. Because this situation can not occur in other parties. "
Tsigankov: "But how can there be any management solution, except as Congress, to remove the deputy chairman, for which the Congress has voted more than 60 percent of the vote?"

Unfortunately, the management of BPF tries to cure this disease process amputation

Chausov: "If a person leaves the party itself, it can not be substituted, or if he was expelled from the party, it also ceases to be a ruler. Legally, such a possibility.
I am not under any circumstances do not believe that the exclusion — a step that can improve the situation. It is impossible to deny the presence of inner crisis. Unfortunately, the management of BPF tries to cure this disease process amputation. From the perspective of overall health, "the body" is not a positive way of healing. It would be great, so that inside the BPF could be found other ways to repay the conflict. "

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