Maybe if the return of Belarus in PACE?

Tsigankov: Head of the Russian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Kosachev said that PACE should see the question of the return status to Belarus’ special guest. " By Kosacheva, "the real time increasing the number of deputies began to lean toward the position that has always defended our homeland, speaking out against the isolation of Belarus." Whether, in the current political situation PACE see this question?
"Our homeland would be willing to have someone in the Council of Europe, compared with what she would have looked better"

Fedorov: In my opinion, this is an early bid. It may be, and may be submitted for consideration, but I do not believe that it can be resolved positively. After all, the actions that have taken place in Belarus in late March, PACE deputies showed that the situation can not be corrected immediately. What it offers our homeland, this is understandable, since she wanted to have someone in the Council of Europe, compared with what she would have looked better. But it seems to me that the time is not yet ripe.
Much less that the emperor prepared Pargurydes own report on the judicial system in Belarus, and I doubt very much that it will positively assess the situation in Belarus. So it will also contribute nerazglyadu question of status.
Tsigankov: Recall Belarus was deprived of the status of "special guest" after the referendum in 1996, when it was broken up by the Supreme Council and created the House of Representatives. Are there currently any formal political grounds for the return of the official Minsk to the Parliamentary Assembly? Or worldview Kosacheva — regular Russian "good intentions", which, despite the situation, always willing to do something nice for the official Minsk?

Bykovskii: Kosachov once a year playing with such a proposal, but has not yet been steps that gave formal grounds to believe that the Belarusian regime has changed and PACE may decide to return the status of a "special guest." But at the theoretical level this question I would not take off because there is a precedent with the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, when it was decided to return the Belarusian delegation. Another issue is that on the background of the events of March, amid crackdown personal business, for sure, there is at the moment poses for making such decisions.
Fedorov: There are certain differences between the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Belarus is a member of the OSCE and are not formally been no reason to make her forever unseat the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.
"Belarusian MPs OSCE solve nothing and pretend"
Tsigankov: What do you think of the argument that leads Kosachov? Say, if the Belarusian deputies to put in PACE, it will contribute to democratization — they will say, tsyvilizavatstsa in these walls … Would you agree with this logic?
Fedorov: Not at all. To agree with this, then you need to accept that the House of Representatives — that kids who do not understand them and you only need to educate. In reality, this is not the case — they are all well aware of that they do not decide anything. Because they will behave as well as representatives of the Belarusian OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.
BykovskiiI one hundred percent agree with the reasoning of the sovereign Fedorov. Another thing is that this argument Kosacheva very well fit into the strategy zaluchennya languid dialogue partner, which once were the Germans and Scandinavian Social Democrats. But this strategy has been applied to the Soviet Union, whose favorites were far from the perspective of international relations, and it is "zaluchenne" something changed.
Regarding the current Belarusian situation, all the same kind of monitoring events in Europe makes the Belarusian regime. The House of Representatives or the Council of the Republic in some degree look at the situation in Europe, understand questions posed by the European side. Another thing is that they respond to these proposals because you need a driver’s regime pretend that we have no political prisoners, etc.. Because, in my opinion, the argument can not give Kosacheva result or somehow change the situation — certainly, it’s just standard phrases that had to call the Russian delegation, usually an attorney official Minsk.
TsigankovIn an interview with "Freedom" Anatoly Lebedko said that the issue of Belarus’ status in PACE, in principle, could be back after the parliamentary elections. If different versions of events in these elections as we see the possibility of returning to the issue of PACE?
FedorovIf indeed the Belarusian authorities would ensure that "miss" by some members of the opposition in the House of Representatives, do not rule out that the Assembly will be difficult to refute the Belarusian authorities in the return status. But this can only be evaluated after the election, and until then will be held and this session, and the June session. Because this issue for consideration at the theoretical level can be made only at the September meeting. At the moment, read about it in advance.
Bykovskii: In my opinion, it is very unlikely that the return status to Belarus ‘special guest’ serious rise even after the parliamentary elections. It is again suggested, but less so. After any of these basic configurations parliamentary elections are not likely to bring regime will not change. Another question — can be changed situation in Europe, but so far this is no reason to read. Tags: Fedorov, PACE Bykovskii status, Belarus, specially invited

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