MAZ can be realized for 5-8 billion dollars

According to informed sources, just the other day Deripaska open a discussion with Alyaksandr Lukashenka possibility of privatization of MAZ. Namely, the Russian side proposes to combine into a single production structure MAZ cars and heavy trucks plant "Ural" (Chelyabinsk region of Russia). What explains the willingness of the Belarusian State Control start trading property?

Deripaska decided, as a relative of the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin, to use the old sympathies and "process" Lukashenka

That’s what this says economist, manager of the analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Stutterer:
"Why is this happening? Russian specialists and Deripaska have seen that there is a problem related to the dynamics of the Belarusian automotive industry. Belarus does not have a good advertising policy, Belarus vast majority of products, about 85%, sells in the Russian market. In Russia itself merge and created their own holdings, which compete. Because Deripaska decided, as a relative of the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin, to use the old sympathies and "process" of Lukashenko. "
And do not get in the end what was already more than once? Executives of large Russian companies Tipo agree Summit Belarusian authorities about the corporatization of enterprises or other, and later they were either "throw", or agreements signed radically rewritten. Leonid Zaika held such representation:
"No, it’s time to share facilities. Express so Shura Balaganov voice is heard from all corners. Lukashenko kids have grown up, it’s time to share. You have any idea how many years engaged Deripaska and other accessories division in Russia? They were 25-27 years old. I personally counted. Modern Russian oligarchs who are sent to Belarus, 40-42 years old. Because at the moment it just time to kids Lukashenko line for privatization. Their turn at the moment comes, because if you slow down, nothing can stay. "
How much money is in theory you can get for auctioning MAZ? Last year, another possible shareholder Minsk Automobile — Kamaz Naberezhnye Chelny from — called a figure of around two billion dollars on that the Belarusian side responded sum at least twice more. Leonid Zaika counted:
"On the creation of the latest model cars requires a billion dollars here and there. ‘Cause I think 5-6 billion would be for him to get. Taking into account the fact that the plant itself for itself very large. In general, when the U.S. company "Wreeglis" buys "Mars" at 26 billion dollars and makes chewing gum and candy, by Western standards for decent MAZ could would take 5 to 8 billion and more. We just have not capitalized. We are still in This is the meanings silly. However, fool luck, as read President. Will drive further. "

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