Medvedev did not go after his inauguration in Belarus

"As I promised in the election night, I’ll go first in Kazakhstan — a country close to us, and from Kazakhstan to China, it will be the first international voyage" — said now elected Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with the staff of the newspaper "Arguments and Facts", which he came to congratulate the 30th anniversary edition.
Earlier, Russian leaders after the first class office visited Belarus. So did Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in 1999, after he was elected president in 2000, and Prime Minister Kasyanov and Fradkov and Zubkov.

After the election of President Medvedev on March 2 This year Alexander Lukashenko In a telephone conversation, invited him to visit Belarus.

But first symbolic visit the new head of the Russian Federation is not going to do in Minsk and Astana.

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