Medvedev: We have no weekends, Alexander G.

Now Mayendorf castle near Moscow hosted a meeting of the presidents of Belarus and the Russian Federation, which lasted more than 3 hours. First, no details reported, and open to the public were rather short, only those statements for the camera, heads of state exchanged before the talks.
Transcript of these expressions is available on the website of the President of the Russian Federation. Dmitry Medvedev, Welcoming the guest, the now should discuss the situation in the money markets. According to Medvedev, the other day international summit Twenty, "I would like us to contact the coming partners such countries as Belarus, certainly discussed a joint position on this issue"
"Belarus vision fundamentally Russian side effects of the global financial crisis," — said Lukashenko, as "we are attached to the Russian Federation on the basis of the belief of the economy, the monetary system." According to the Belarusian president, "almost half of the gold supplies we have in Russian rubles." Lukashenko believes that bilateral relations need to give people "some positive signs." "I think we have something to say after meeting, "- said the Belarusian control.
His introductory remarks Lukashenko suddenly graduated thanking Medvedev for agreeing meet with him: "Thank you for what you have responded to my request to encounter. Thanks for that znayshvli time in output of its own day, as you have a busy schedule."
"We have no weekends, Alexander G." — responded by Medvedev.
Chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina draws attention that the topic of the talks could be the introduction of Russian ruble in Belarus on the ground

KalinkinaKalinkina"Before the meeting Lukashenko very many read (even for no reason) about the Russian Ruble and the way it is used extensively in Belarus. I infer from this that the introduction of specifically Russian ruble — just a condition that will be the main determining when gas prices Belarus.
I have the impression that in the end the three-hour conversation, Alexander Lukashenko, has received some "homework" that it will (or will not) do "
Evening presidential press secretary of the Russian Federation Natalia Timakov kutsee issued a message in which informed that the presidents discussed "the whole complex of bilateral relations." "This, namely, went about preparing for the scheduled end of November — beginning of December Supreme State Council of the Russia-Belarus. Abmyarkvvalasya as the situation in prices energoelementy" added Timakov.
It is curious that earlier official sources reported that the meeting Medvedev and Lukashenko within the Municipal Council of the "union of the country" should pass on November 3.

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