Member of Skolkovo innovation plans to release 120 locomotives

The project participants of the innovation center "Skolkovo" "Center of Innovation Development STM" to create a locomotive with an intelligent asynchronous hybrid SinaraHybrid implies edition 2015 120 of these machines cost up to 70 million each, RIA Novosti reported representatives of the project participants.

"Center of Innovation Development STM" — "daughter" holding company "Ekaterinburg — transport cars," one of the first participants of "Skolkovo". Presentation of the locomotive took place on Friday at Riga station in Moscow.

"One hundred and twenty locomotives — this is a very good figure," — said the executive director of the Energy Efficiency Cluster Fund "Skolkovo" Vasily Belov.

In turn, the general director of "Center of Innovation Development STM" Anton Zubihin in an interview with the agency noted that "anchor" the order (from OAO "Russian Railways") of 120 locomotives by 2015 will expand into new markets. "He added, one locomotive that will cost up to 70 million rubles.

According to Belov, first locomotives expected to be sold to the CIS countries, and then to Europe.

Zubihin noted that the potential market for new locomotives of 7,000 cars. Their mass production scheduled for 2013.

The Director General noted that lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors used in the locomotive after the start of series production cars will be purchased from LLC "Liotech" — project of JSC "RUSNANO", producing such batteries.

SinaraHybrid allow a 30% reduction in diesel consumption and up to 55% reduction in exhaust emissions into the environment, which corresponds to the latest environmental standards.

The design of the locomotive SinaraHybrid is modular production. Placed on the frame of the locomotive diesel generator, cabins, sanitary and household units, as well as the rendering of compressed air, clean air compartment, the module electronics and energy storage. Schematic diagram of the locomotive design provides for a lithium-iron-phosphate batteries and supercapacitors for storing electrical energy. The modular architecture allows the manufacturer to manufacture substantially reduce labor costs in serial assembly of the locomotive, and significantly reduce the time during the service.

The project is the first Russian locomotive with hybrid propulsion system developed by the "Center for Innovative Development STM" with the support of "Skolkovo" and JSC "Russian Railways". The work also involved a consortium of leading Russian research and production companies, including NGOs, "SOUTH", NGO "Drive Technology" Company "Ural Locomotives" and the NGO "Automatic".

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