Midsummer — prazdnichek socialist labor …

"Vitebsk proletarians", year 1938. Newspaper recounts performance USSR Prosecutor A.Vyshynskaga meeting on All-Belarusian prosecutors: "One of the main reasons for shortcomings in the work of prosecutors and investigators Comrade. Vishinskiy believes deeply in vkaranivshuyusya saznanne council workers underestimation of the role and importance sotsyyalistychnay legality, as a means of our victorious movement forward in the construction sotsyyalizma as means to fight for strengthening sotsyyalistychnay country. "
On the pages of "Lima" in 1958, a group of scientific employees BSSR makes suggestions on how to celebrate Midsummer should be: "Midsummer in our time can be much more meaningful and joyful prazdnichkom than before. Participants in this prazdnichka not only be laid out fires allowed on the water wreaths, circle dances, but would suit sports games, rides, torchlight procession, carnivals … Midsummer combination of old and when new forms of its holding would zopoluchilo Russian Belarus merry new content prazdnichka socialist labor and the struggle for peace " .
* "Name" in 1998 under the heading "Rumours" wrote: "They say that the attempt to mass migration of foreign ambassadors with government holiday village" Space Invaders "is not associated with the substitution of sewer pipes and other communications. Residence just after the U.S. and France are very close to the residence of the head of the resident country … Lukashenka very worried healthy nonpolitical noise … So I had to immediately do repairs pipes on the principle: neither for themselves nor for the opposition. "

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